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Box #12: August 30, 2018

EOW "Tomato Group"
Our young orchard  is bearing a few fruit.  With 8-12 inch rain events are occurring every few years and 4-6 inch rains common place our goal is to have 50 percent of our income from perennial crops within 7 years.  Farming on the ridges in the Driftless means we are not prone to flooding, but soil loss is a major concern especially with cultivated annual vegetables.  See more of what we are doing to save our soil in the News from the Farm below.
Box Contents, Storage & Cooking Tips 

Arugula ~
1 small bunch Small Shares; 1 large bunch Standard Shares; 2 large bunches Double Shares

Use up your bunches quickly - the heavy rain was hard on the fragile stems.

Beets, Green Top ~
1 small bunch Small Shares; 1 large bunch Standard Shares; 2 large bunches Double Shares

Break off the ugly tops and store the roots in a bag/container to keep them from dehydrating in your refrigerator.  Will keep for many months this way. 

Cucumbers ~ The last of the season
1 each for Small and Standard Shares only

Daikon ~
1 small bunch Small Shares; 1 large bunch Standard Shares; 2 large bunches Double Shares

We thinned the daikon rows this week and boy are they tasty!  Eat raw, make sweet pickles with them, or incorporate into your stir fry.  Store in covered container/bag to keep from dehydrating in your refrigerator.  Will store this way for many months. 

Leek ~
1 each Small Shares; 2 each Standard Shares; 4 each Doubles

Melon, Cantaloupe ~ 
1 count for Small Shares; 1-2 count for Standard Shares; 1-2 count for Double Shares.

Sugar Cube melons are the same variety we have given the last few weeks - very nice small, hard rind, and deliciously sweet melons.  They are by far our favorite.  Our other variety this season is just beginning - Sarah's Choice - and very different with it's softer rind and not as sweet of flesh. This variety doesn't have as large of a fruit set though the fruits are larger.

Peppers ~ An assortment of colored bells
5-6 count Small Shares; 8-10 count Standard Shares; 8-12 count Doubles
Our kids sure love the sweet colored peppers.  They'll make a great snack for the start of school next week!  And of course they freeze great!  Wash, cut in half, discard seed cavity, stuff into freezer bag. Easy!  Perfect to use in all your winter cooking. We love them in a vegetable soup, chile and of course tacos. 

Soybeans (Edamame) 
.5 pounds Standards and Doubles only.

We will see how the soybeans develop after being flattened in this weeks heavy rain.  Sadly this may be our only picking.  Substitute these beans for green beans in any recipe or cooking method.  

Tomatoes, A farmhouse mix!  Yellow & Red Grape, Sungold & Red Cherry
.6 pound Small Shares; 1.2 pounds Standards; Two 1.2 pound bags Doubles

Tomatoes ~ A mix of paste tomatoes, Black Prince, Red and Yellow Slicers 
2.5 pounds Small Shares; 5 pounds Standards; Two 5 pound bags Doubles

The slicing tomatoes are ending quickly.  We harvested the last of our slicing varieties and will continue to have paste tomatoes for next week.  

Zucchini ~ The last of the season
1 count Small Shares only 
Coming Soon....Swiss Chard, Baby Turnips, Carrots and more!
the location changes to the Farm Campus.
Zucchini with annual rye interplanted holds the soil nicely.  Same with the tomato crop below. 
This orchard was once an eroded field, row cropped for generations, we tried vegetables here and decided this was the best place to begin our goal of adding more perennial crops

News From the Farm

If you have ever had more than a 3 minute conversation with a farmer, then you know that we love to talk about the weather.  The weather is continually on our minds, as we are so very dependent upon it.  It is very difficult for all farmers to make a decent living with cooperative weather.  The one essential thing we all need is for the weather to be predicable... thinking in terms of average first and last frost dates, average temps and average rain fall.   We need a stable climate.  

Our farm is safe, high and dry from raging flood waters, many of our valley neighbors are in trouble and have a long recovery.  This is not our first round of heavy rains in our 18 years on this ridge.  We have watched our soil wash away on more than one occasion. It is reassuring to see that the improvements to our farming practices are paying off and we are doing a much better job of keeping our soil.   We love living mulches between crops of tomatoes, peppers, onions, sweet corn. The living mulch of clover or annual rye slows the rushing waters and add organic matter to the soil to improve infiltration for the coming years. The same with the straw mulch we use on cukes, melon, and garlic.   Even with all those practices we still feel we could do better, so we set a goal to earn 50 percent of our income from perennial crops in seven more years.  We began this task 3 years ago with a small apple orchard. This year a small blueberry patch of 300 or so bushes.  We are constantly experimenting, learning and looking for a way to farm in this crazy unstable world.  The learning curve is steep but thankfully we love to climb.

Happy Cooking
Your farmers
Cate and Mat
Bunching tender Fragile Arugula.
Peak Pepper Week!  Rowan, Justin and Felipe had a lot of sorting to do.
Derek and Craig thinking it is a good thing we have onion and garlic orders to pack on a rainy Tuesday.

Paste Tomatoes Not all perfect but great for canning or processing
10 pounds $15  or 20 pounds $30

Jalapenos - 5 pounds $15

Kale - green curly: $18 for 12 bunches 

Maple Syrup:   $10 / pint or $20 / quart

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Your goofy farmers...  
Laughter is good medicine.  
Eat well and laugh more!
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