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The Weekly Weeder

October 13, 2016
Weekly shares and Tomato EOW Group
The greenhouse is now our squash storage area.

Box Contents and Tips

* All items should be stored in your refrigerator unless otherwise stated. *
  • Broccoli:  0.45 pounds Smalls; 0.9 pounds Standards; 1.8 pounds Doubles.  Rain events affected our spraying schedule so there are a few cabbage worms. Before cooking, simply mix up a strong salt water bath for your broccoli pieces to soak in for about 10 minutes; any worms will float to the top.  Store in plastic bag until used.
  • Carrots: 1 pounds Small; 2 pounds Standards; 4 pounds Doubles.  The last of our summer carrots this week.  We had to make room for the incoming fall crop!  Looking forward to the sweetness of a frost kissed carrot.
  • Celeriac: 1 count Small; 2 count Standards; 3 count Doubles. This rather ugly vegetable is a cousin to celery that tastes like celery but cooks up like a potato.  Substitute celery stalks with celery root (or celeriac). Peel outer layer and add chunks to soups/stew or try an equal combination of potatoes and celeriac in au gratin potatoes! Store unused portion in a plastic bag and don't worry that it may turn brown this is because it's been exposed to oxygen and oxidation causes the brownish appearance.
  • Kale, Green Curly: 1 small bunch Smalls; 1 large bunch Standards; 2 large bunches Doubles. You'll still see evidence of hail damage on the stems and some of the leaves. Just strip leaves away from the stem and cook.  Store in plastic bag in your refrigerator.
  • Parsley, Italian Flat Leaf: 1 small bunch Smalls; 1 large bunch Standards; 2 large bunches Doubles
  • Potatoes, Red Norland: 3 pounds Small; 6 pounds Standards; 12 pounds Doubles.  We're giving another large giving to help us with our cramped storage. Store on the counter top inside the brown bag to prevent turning green.
  • Romanesco: 1 head Small; 1 head Standards; 2 heads Doubles. 
  • Radish, Beauty Heart: 2 count Smalls; 4 count Standards; 6 count Doubles  Store in a plastic bag to prevent roots from getting rubbery.  Kept in a bag they'll be usable for many weeks to come.
  • Squash: Carnival 1 Smalls; 2 Standards; 4 Doubles.  Store on your counter top until used.  Always a top choice for many squash lovers.
  • Squash: Spaghetti - 1 small Smalls; 1 medium Standards; 1 large  Doubles Store on your counter top until used. 
COMING SOON: More Onions, Winter Squash and Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Rutabagas and more!
Custom order your Winter/Storage Share
Delivery dates:  October 20 or October 27

Once again this year we are taking bulk orders on case/half case quantities of storage crops at wholesale prices.  The delivery dates are October 20th or October 27th.  This is for current CSA members only.

We used to offer a Holiday/Winter share but we have found that people prefer to custom order the items of their choosing for the winter and holidays.  Let's be realistic, not everyone wants 10 pounds of turnips, but there are those among us who do.  This is a great way to stock up on items that you know that you will use throughout the winter.

To order please complete the bulk purchase order form and mail it along with your payment to the farm.  Orders must be received by 8 am October 17th for the Oct 20th delivery or 8 am Oct. 24th for the Oct 27th delivery. If you have any questions let us know.  Here is the link to the bulk purchase order form:

News From the Farm

One of this season's themes has been lack of storage space.  While all in all this is a good problem to have, it also creates a lot of time spent moving things from one place to another.  This week we started using the delivery truck for overflow pallets.  We are thankful for our greenhouse (built last fall) with wonderful concrete floors for ease of moving around bins of squash! 

Our coolers are also storing totes and bins full of fall radishes, turnips, celeriac and beets while smaller ones continue to size up in the field.  To make space for fall carrots that we started to harvest on Monday, we decided more pallets of roots needed to be washed and given to you this week so we could make more space in the coolers!  So here we are - stuffing your boxes full of an assortment this week to make way for incoming carrot bins! 

Autumn is full of new sights and sounds.  The display of fall colors, though muted and washed out compared to other years, is always a welcome sight.  The oak and birch trees look beautiful, while the walnuts stand bare and hint at November's bleakness.  We hear the cries from soaring, hawks, woodpeckers, blue jays and crows.  The vegetable fields stand out among the yellows and browns of surrounding farm land and woods, vibrant hues of greens from the bright green carrot tops to the blue hues of broccoli, romananesco, brussels sprouts, light green of turnips and radishes.  

Mat and Derek are working on preparing fields for garlic planting and for the winter.  Next week we'll start to break up garlic bulbs for planting the individual cloves (seed).  This week they'll be seeding rye cover crop on some of our other fields.  It is time to start to prepare the farm for the coming winters sleep.  And once again it is a bit of a race against the calender, if we are too slow in our preparations we will soon be out of time as mother nature waits for no farmer. 

Happy Eating!
Your farmers,
Cate & Mat
The dewy kale patch.

Bulletin Board

Bulk Purchase Opportunities!
To order: send us an email with your order request, name & pick-up site by Monday 12:00 pm (noon) for delivery on Thursday.  Then mail your check to the farm!

Kale, Green Curly 12 bunches  $14

Onions:  Yellow Storage or Red Storage
10 pounds $15 
20 pounds $25

GARLIC, 5 pounds $30 - hard neck varieties
               10 pounds $60

BEETS, RED 10 pounds $15
                      25 pounds $30

Farm Email:
Farm Address: E5538 Nelson Road, Viroqua, WI 54665 

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Member Handbook:  if you have questions about how to pickup your box the answers can probably be found in this document.  You can download it here:

Having someone else pickup your box?  make certain they take only the box with your name on the label.  When people take the wrong box it causes a chain reaction of trouble for many people.  The system is simple.  Look at the labels and take the correct box.  Please,  Please if you are having someone else pickup your box help them to understand this small but critical step.

Rescheduling Delivery:  We are happy to reschedule your boxes to allow you to travel and still reap the full reward of our CSA.  We must be notified via email of your intent to reschedule or postpone delivery by 8 am on the Monday of your normally scheduled delivery week.

However, tracking the requests is very time consuming  we serve 500 members.  So we ask that you provide the following information in this format when you are rescheduling your delivery:

1. Name of the primary member,
2. pick up site,
3. share size,
4. delivery schedule (weekly or EOW), 
5. if applicable your EOW group (garlic or tomato), 
6. the date you will be gone
7. the date you want your share delivered.

Having all of the above information saves Mat a lot of time in making certain your share is delivered when you want it.  Thank you!!
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