The Weekly Weeder 
Box #19: October 18, 2018

Last Box for the EOW "Bean Group" 
Friday last week we recruited a small army to get our winter storage carrots harvested.
Box Contents, Storage & Cooking Tips 
1/3 pound Small Shares; 3/4 pound Standard Shares; 1.5 pounds Double Shares

Brussels Sprouts
1/3 pound Small Shares; 1/2 pound Standard Shares; 1 pound Double Shares

Trim the ends of each sprout to discard the outer leaves.  We like to place an "X" on the bottom of each trimmed end when cooking whole, for nice even cooking.  Or cut in half.  Wonderful steamed or sautéed. 

1 small head Small Shares; 1 medium head Standard Shares; 2 medium heads Double Shares

The weather hasn't promoted growth, so the cabbage is smaller than usual.  Will store for many weeks in the refrigerator.  Peel outer leaves prior to use - it is natural that they
may be slightly wilted or discolored but that doesn't make it inedible.

1 pound Small Shares; 2 pounds Standard Shares; 4 pounds Double Shares

Keep inside bag until ready to use.

Celery Root (or celeriac)
1 each Small Shares; 1 each Standard Shares; 2 each Double Shares

This is the key ingredient for some of the most delicious stews and soups!  Celeriac is part of the celery family, but instead of using of stalks and leaves, you use the bulb end of the plant.  Rinse the root, then peel (cut the bottom portion off and re-rinse) We like to grate the interior for use in gravy and hot dishes; chopped for stews and soups.  It's celery flavor is so delicious!  Celeriac is a good storage root and will keep for many months in a crisper drawer.  Store in a bag until used to prevent wilting and softening.

1 each Small Shares; 2 each Standard Shares; 4 each Double Shares

Use as you would any onion for cooking.  

Lettuce, Romaine (Small Shares);  Red Leaf & Green Leaf or Butterhead (Standard Shares); Butterhead (Double Shares)

The very last of the season!  The cool nights have sweetened the lettuce considerably.  

Onions, Reds 
1 pound Small Shares; 2 pounds Standard Shares; 4 pounds Double Shares

Store on the counter at room temperature, or a cooler space along an outside wall.  Be sure to keep temperatures above freezing.  

Radish, Daikon
1 small Small Shares; 1 big Standard Shares; 2 big Double Shares

Romanesco (EPIC pick-up site only)

Use as you would cauliflower.  Romanesco is a nuttier version of cauliflower.  We love it steamed like broccoli, cooked just until a fork can pierce it, then serve with butter, salt and pepper. 

Squash - Butternut 

Squash - Spaghetti
Last season we heard from many CSA members who wanted more spaghetti squash as a great gluten-free alternative.  Was it a good amount this season or too much?  Send us your feedback!

Finally get to harvest in the Sunshine.... Broccoli.

News From the Farm

Last Monday we harvested fall carrots in the rain, and by the end of the week we were harvesting them in the snow!  Yes, Friday at 6 pm the last of our fall carrots were brought in from the fields.  It was a cold, windy two days, but thanks to the help from our Amish neighbors, our Hmong friends, and our regular crew, we finished!  We enjoyed Sunday's half inch of snow knowing they were safe in our cooler.

It has been a challenging and relatively short season.  The late April snow storm that brought 10 inches of snow to the farm, brought in a late spring that rushed into summer.  Summer was hot, humid and while dry in August was more than wet in September and October.  And then Sunday's first snow was the earliest in our region for snowfall since 2009.  I guess we're lucky that the wood stove had a 5 month break!

Our fields are looking sparse as we head into November.  Without dry weather, we couldn't seed more fall crops as we intended.  We're missing the gush of fall spinach, arugula and cilantro, though still are holding out on the ONE spinach planting we have and hope next week it will be bigger.  The lack of sunshine can be seen in the small heads of cabbage, broccoli, celeriac and brussels sprouts.  We're at the whim of mother nature!  

We say farewell to our EOW Bean Group this week as this is your last box delivery of the season.  We hope it has been enjoyable and fun to see what a season in WI provides.  We are grateful for your support!  

This season we enjoyed providing six weeks of cantaloupe melons, a steady stream of peppers, lettuces, fresh and cured onions and garlic, summer squash, cucumbers and winter squash.  Some of our slicing tomatoes were a disappointment (fruit blight from humidity melted them down early), as was the fall broccoli that was killed by the rains.  We missed fall napa cabbage and fall parsley.  What do you think?  Give us some feedback on what you would like to receive more of or less of next season:  Thank you!

We will be working on field clean up these next few days and hope to begin planting garlic as soon as the ground is dry enough. 

With gratitude,
Cate and Mat
Carrots harvested in their bins.. we ended up with 25 bins, which is about 20,000 pounds.  We will store and wash these all winter for sale to the Viroqua Food Coop, Peoples Food Coop, and restaurants in the Viroqua and La Crosse Area.
When is the final CSA box delivered? 
Thursday October 18 is the last Bean EOW Group delivery
Thursday October 25 is the final box and last Tomato EOW Group delivery

When can we sign up for a 2019 CSA Share?  
We'll have our sign-up information available in December.  We'll email this list and also posted it to our website.  

The very last delivery is Thursday October 25 so you have one last bulk purchase opportunity!  See our Bulk Order Form here: 2018 Bulk Order Form.


To place an order: Email us by Monday with your order (list items), then mail a check made out to "Ridgeland Harvest" at E5538 Nelson Road, Viroqua WI 54665.  
~ From your goofy farmers ~
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Eat well and laugh more!
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