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The Weekly Weeder

June 15, 2017: Box #1
Weekly shares and Leek EOW Group
Feeding the Bees....and ourselves.  Above is our Herb Field... Far left: tiny plants are lemon balm, center left: Thyme, Center: Purple Flowers Sage, Right: Very Green is Oregano.   We love growing herbs, we love cooking with them fresh and dried.  We also love the fact that they are perennial, and their flowers help feed the bees.  When the sage and thyme were in full bloom the entire field resonated with the joyous buzz of bees.

Box Contents and Tips

  • Kohlrabi: 1 small bunch Small; 1 large bunch Standards; 2 large bunches Doubles use the greens as you would kale.  Peel and eat the bulb along with a little dill or ranch dip.  One of our spring time favorites.
  • Cucumbers: 1 Small; 2 Standards; 4 Doubles. These beauties are from our high tunnel.  Which was hit and damaged by some high winds earlier this spring, but the structure stayed intact and the cucumbers have been a welcome sign of summer after a long cold spring.
  • Radish, spring: 1 small bunch Smalls; larger bunch standards; 2 larger bunches Doubles These guys are bearing the signs of a challenging spring.  The heat and dry slowed their growth, but they were still nice looking radishes.  But when radishes are hit with heavy rain when they near maturity they split wide open. You may find some splits in your bunches, while they are not pretty they are perfectly fine to eat.
  • Spinach, Green and Red Kitten: 1 small bunch Small; 1 large bunch Standards; 2 large bunches Doubles. Store in a plastic bag in your refrigerator.   Use either in a salad or cooked.  We love to wilt it in butter and add to scrambled eggs.
  • Lettuce, Red Leaf and Green: 1 red Small; 1 red 1 green Standards; 2 large green Doubles.  What can we say this is really nice spring lettuce and the deer even let us have some....
  • Oregano: 1 Small; 2 Standards; 4 Doubles.  The heat forced it to flower faster than we would have liked, but it still has a nice flavor and will season your mexican or italian dishes nicly.  Use fresh or leave on the counter to dry and seal in jar to store.
  • Garlic Scapes 1 small bunch Small; 1 large bunch Standards; 322 large bunches Doubles. Use as you would garlic- we love to make a pesto out of the scapes- blend with nuts hard cheese, olive oil and a little salt.
  • Strawberries: 2 pints Smalls; 5 pints Standards; 8 pints Doubles. Berries don't have a long shelf life so use them. 
COMING SOON: Pea Vine, turnips, radishes, lettuce, garlic scapes, beet greens and more!
Sage in full glorious bloom.

News From the Farm

We are happy for the season to finally begin.  We have been planning and working towards this day since January when the seed ordering began.  We do hope the weather will settle into a more stable pattern.   As is typical with a Wisconsin spring we have had a wide range of cold and wet to hot and dry.    And with it you will see, taste and smell the impact it has on our food.  The spiciness of the radish....the balance of sweet and tangy in the strawberry....the crispness level of the cucumber.... the lemony zest of the kohlrabi greens... the flavor is all dependent on the season, climate, conditions in which they are grown.  This is our terroir.  It isn't just some term that applies to fancy wine in Italy.  Local food bears the flavor from where it is grown.  And this season has given this first box some sweet but smaller strawberries, some spicy radishes, some crisp kohlrabi  and their greens seemingly extra tangy.

Because the hot weather these last few weeks the strawberries are ripening at a faster rate than other years.  So we will be opening the strawberry patch to CSA Members for free picking.  Starting this Saturday. See the Bulletin Board for details.   We still expect to have berries to for next weeks box but there certainly won't be as many as this week.  We hope to see you on Saturday.

We look forward to sharing more of our story with you this season.  We are honored that so many have chosen us to grow your food.

Eat well everyone and happy cooking,
Cate & Mat
Moving irrigation pipe.  And yes it does take one adult and two boys to drive the tractor.
Hauling water.....

Bulletin Board

U-Pick Strawberries :  CSA Members Pick Free  non members $2.50/pound.  Saturday June 17th  8:00 am - 6:00 pm  email if you have questions

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Mowing Winter Rye for Mulch
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