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The Weekly Weeder

June 22, 2017: Box #2
Weekly shares and Potato EOW Group
Tuesday morning beet harvest was wet and cold!

Box Contents and Tips

NOTE:  We did our best to remove the mud from your produce, but with 2 inches of rain this week you'll need to wash everything thoroughly to prevent breakdown.  
  • Beet Greens: 1 small bunch Small; 1 large bunch Standards; 2 large bunches Doubles A good source of iron. Trim stringy root end, leaving most of the tiny beet intact with the leaves.  Our boys go crazy about eating wilted beet greens.  We love as a side dish or also eaten with bowls of rice.  We simply bring salt water to a boil, then put entire beet green into the water and allow to cook until tender (approx 10 minutes). Drain, then top with butter, salt and pepper.  Store in plastic until used.  
  • Cucumbers: 1 for everyone.  These beauties are from our high tunnel!
  • Cilantro: 1 Small; 1 Standards; 2 DoublesCut the rubber band away from your bunch and wash thoroughly. Use fresh or can be chopped and frozen as cubes.
  • Garlic Scapes 1 small bunch Small; 1 large bunch Standards; 322 large bunches Doubles. Use as you would garlic- we love to make a pesto out of the scapes- blend with nuts hard cheese, olive oil and a little salt.
  • Kohlrabi: 1 small bunch Small; 1 large bunch Standards; 2 large bunches Doubles use the greens as you would kale.  Peel and eat the bulb along with a little dill or ranch dip.  One of our spring time favorites. Our youngest son John loved a simple coleslaw made from shredded kohlrabi.
  • Lettuce, Red Leaf and Green: 1 green Small; 1 red Standards; 2 red DoublesThe hot weather last week and now wet weather is promoting some rust on the bottoms.  Simply wash the lettuce right away to remove caught dirt.
  • Pac Choi: 2 smaller sized Small; 2 larger sized Standards; 4 larger sized Doubles.  Pac Choi (similar to Bok Choi) are Asian Greens that are mild in flavor and do best when leaves and stalks are quickly cooked.  We love stir fry nights to use up leftover rice and small amounts of vegetables.  There are many recipe ideas for stir fry online if you need sauce ideas.  Store in plastic bag until used.
  • Scallions: white for small shares; red for standard and double shares  White/red portion and greens are all edible. Great in cold salads or stir fry when you need something mild.
  • Sugar Snap Peas:  0.4 pounds Small; .8 pounds Standards; 1.6 pounds Doubles.  Keep in plastic bag until used.  Pods and peas are edible, simply snap the stem and pull the string to remove before cooking.  We love to chop entire pods into 4 pieces each and add to stir fry.
  • Turnip, White Salad: 1 small bunch Smalls; 1 larger bunch standards; 2 larger bunches Doubles Delicious tender roots are great on salads, eaten with dip, used as a taco topping, or lightly cooked for a quick side dish to any main course.  The greens are also excellent and can be used in stir-fry or used as you would kale or collards.
COMING SOON: Broccoli, Napa Cabbage, Peas, Swiss Chard and more!

News From the Farm

Happy Summer! 

We enjoyed meeting many strawberry u-pickers last Saturday at the farm!  Many of you took the opportunity, with the first pickers arriving at 8 am and the last leaving at 6 pm.  Thank you for taking the time to travel and visit with us!!  Still no takers on a kitten though...

Sadly strawberry season didn't last very long this year.  We thought there would be enough berries yet this week for even a slim giving.  But the peak came and went quickly due to the hot weather and then rain. Typically our patch has over 2 weeks of good picking and 2 weekends of u-picking. This season we had only 5 days of picking and just 1 weekend of u-picking.  It goes to show that every season is so very different.  We can all look forward to next season and another variety we added to our patch for a longer harvest for your boxes.  We know they are a favorite!

This next weekend is another busy weekend for us. Saturday we'll be helping mark the route for the 5th annual Bike (and Bus) the Barns Driftless!  Sunday we'll host over 150 riders and busers when they visit our farm for a snack and tours.  If you're interested in volunteering, please contact us:

Amid the rain showers, we continue to harvest, weed, trellis and seed in the greenhouse.  We are needing a stretch of dry weather so we can transplant more broccoli, lettuce, chard, fennel and zucchini.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Eat well everyone and happy cooking,
Cate & Mat
Mat and Derek washing the Salad Turnips. The bunches were first put into the large stainless steel bulk tank to be bubbled in water - the bubbling action is from a Jacuzzi motor and a PVC grid in the bottom of the tank.  Then the bunches are laid out on our spray tables to be cleaned up with the pressure washer.

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Just in case you didn't already see this....Mowing Winter Rye for Mulch
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