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The Weekly Weeder

September 18, 2014

Box Contents and Tips

Box #15:  This is a Blue EOW Group

The Bridge Box- Bridging summer to Fall

** Use care when unpacking your paper tomato bags, the wet lettuce will make them easily tear. **
  • Broccoli or Romanesco (standard shares only) -  Store in a loosely sealed plastic bag.
  • Cucumbers
  • Carrots- store in plastic bag in refrigerator
  • Lettuce - Red or Green Leaf: Store in plastic bag or salad spinner. 
  • Sweet Pepper Mix:  Red or Yellow Bell, Carmen (long red tapered) sweet pepper.  Store in plastic bag in refrigerator.
  • Cilantro
  • Leek- store in a plastic bag in refrigerator- use the bottom portion.
  • Tomatoes, Slicers - THE LAST!
  • Swiss Chard: Leaves and stem are all edible.  Great cooking green with lots of flavor.  Store in plastic bag in refrigerator.
  • Delicata Squash: This is our only delicata squash giving this season, as this variety did not yield well and suffered from the wet conditions.  Store on counter top but use sooner than later, not a great storage squash.  Skin is thin on this squash making it edible.  Very sweet! 

Coming Soon (in the next box or so): 
More Leeks and Squash, Sage, Napa, Potatoes and much more!

Bulletin Board

Bulk Purchase Opportunities:
Beets:  10 pounds $15
   Carrots: 25 pounds for $35

Please send us an email by Monday to receive your order along with your CSA delivery.  Send payment to the farm: E5538 Nelson Road, Viroqua, WI 54665

Holiday CSA Shares available: Our November 20th share is delivered in time for Thanksgiving.  Sign-up now to secure more of the fall harvest with quantities of onions, garlic, potatoes, carrots, winter squash and so much more.  More information here:

 Archived Newsletters are available here

News From the Farm

I always wonder why on earth we have an on farm dinner in peak season.  There is always so much to do already, then to have to get the farm cleaned up and ready for 150 people can be a little overwhelming.   But then I see those kids on the farm tour.  Their faces filled with joy and excitement as they dig carrots and potatoes, pull up the biggest leek they can find and see how we harvest those huge cabbages.  When I  see those kids, it all makes perfect sense and reminds us why we have this party and even more reminds us of why we are growing all this produce.  We want to change how people know food.  We want the children of the next generation to have a healthy relationship with their food and the soil in which it grows.  It is music to my ears to  hear one child say that "this place has the best pizzas" after devouring a pizza with roasted Romanesco.   That is why we do this.....his words have a lot to do with Luke's amazing skills as a chef, but I think it helps to have them see the Romanesco growing in the field and being able to harvest it too.  Needless to say, we had a blast on Saturday and can no doubt say that the party was a huge success. 

Thank you to everyone who came!  Thank you to Luke of the Driftless Cafe for the great food and the Hundt's of for all the help they provided.  Thank you to Drew Shonka for all the beautiful pictures.  Also thank you Devorah Yahn, Lars Bergen, Adrian and Julia Ugo, and others that came to help with the food and preparations.

Happy Eating!
Cate & Mat
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