August 2011 Newsletter

Greetings BD-4 Enthusiasts!

I know I said that I would try to get a Newsletter out once a month or every couple months to keep in touch and I know it has been more than 60 days since the last Newsletter. Fortunately we have been extremely busy the last six months with the BD-4. We have numerous customers that are reactivating their projects, current BD-4 that are flying that are converting over to the All Metal Wing, and even in this economy we are selling new aircraft's.

Arlington Fly-In
This was my first year that I actually made it out to the Arlington Fly-In. My dad has been there several times before and used to tell me what a great show it was. I was planning on bringing the BD-4C out but it is a long ways from Cleveland, OH and I was worried about getting weathered in and there were some other cosmetics things we wanted to do to the plane before we took it to Oshkosh. So at the last minute I caught a commercial flight out there. Let me tell you it was a great time and if you have never been there before I highly recommend it!! It was nice also because I could finally put a face with some of the people I have talked to over the years. I would like to Thank Steve Mahoney, Steve Craigle, Craig Evans, Gorden, just to name a few for their great hospitality. On Saturday night they have a tradition of going out to Alfy's to have pizza and beer. I am not a connoisseur of dark beer but it was good out there! Also below is a photo of Steve Mahoney, his airplane and his two daughters.

Oshkosh 2011
Oshkosh was it's usual variety of heat, rain and wind. We were told that the attendance was up from last year and it seemed like there were alot of airplanes but I did not feel that the attendance was up from 2010. The show was very good for us. We had alot of traffic and alot of compliments on the BD-4C. Sales wise it was our best show by far!  Unfortunately it seems like the economy is taking it's toll on some of the other manufactures.  Usually the booths are three deep and this year they were only one deep. We had our annual BD-4 dinner on Thursday night. Joe Lienau and his wife do a great job organizing it and I do appreciate it. We had probably the biggest turn out that I can remember. There was between 75 and 80 BD-4 Enthusiasts that showed up! Some of you more recent BD-4 builders may not know the name Llyod Brekke, Llyod probably had one of the best BD-4's I had ever seen! But he and his wife Janis stopped by our booth and we must have talked for hours, it was great seeing both of them. Below is a picture of them from the show. Again one of the best parts about the show is meeting some of the builders that I have talked to over the years. One came up to me and said "You know I thought you were nuts when you told me one of the biggest pain in the tail end would be building the tail cone".. .he later told me that he had to build three of them before he got it to fit right!

Nose Gear Stress Test
Earlier last month we did an additional stress test on our new nose gear design. But this time we took some photographs. We loaded up a total of 1,370 pounds, as you will see by the photos the tire took most of it. This is equivalent to the total weight of the aircraft itself. See pictures below.

Next Months Newsletter. . . We found a report from the University of West Virginia who designed a type of flap that all of you will find interesting on the BD-4 and that is all I am going to tell you til next month!!!! Actually because I was so slow getting this newsletter out I will publish the next one in two weeks.

Feedback and Questions
Please feel to write us at anytime with questions and let us know what you would like to see featured in the up and coming newsletters.

Sincerely Yours,

Jim Bede Jr.


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