March 2011 Newsletter

Greetings BD-4 Enthusiasts!

Barn Sale
For those of you who have not visited our shop yet, our facility is roughly 4,000 sq ft where we do the R&D work and ship the kits out. We also have numerous T-Hangars where we keep the airplanes. And because we are kind of out in the country we also have two storage barns, where we have everything from BD-6 to BD-5 parts. We finally cleaned up one of the barns and we have alot of inventory that some of you might be interested in regarding the BD-4B. For example; we have a brand new set of Cleveland Wheels and Brakes with axles, we have two of the six pack instrument packages, a set of landing gear legs, the weldments that go with the landing gear box, even a set of fuel senders! If anybody is interested in any of these parts just email a list of the part numbers you are looking for and if we have them they are 50% OFF! It is first come first serve!!! 

Webpage Updates
We just recently posted two new items in our "Question & Answers" tab under the BD-4C. One posting is the method that we use for leak testing the new all metal BD-4 wing. The second posting is on the actual assembly of the new all metal wing. The next posting we hope to have up in three weeks will deal with the fuselage assembly. Remember that the "C" version comes with 80% of the angles precut and predrilled. Just a quick reminder on how to find this tab: > BD-4 > BD-4C > Question & Answers (Left hand side of the webpage).

Sun-N-Fun March 28-April 3, 2011
The BD-4C will be on display at the Lopresti booth. I don't know the exact booth number, but you can look it up in the program. I will be there Tuesday - Saturday. The BD-4C will be leaving Saturday evening and I will be leaving Sunday morning. We will be offering a "Show Special" of 10% OFF any package or complete kit. You do not need to come to the show to book an order. You can call or email the office during March 28-April 3, and place your order with Stacey and still receive the discount. I know of three other BD-4's that are planning on coming down. If you are planning on coming down let us know!

The Speedpants with the retractable doors will soon be ready for any BD-4 customers that want them. They are hydraulically operated. The estimated time of installation is 10 hours. When the BD-4C gets back from Sun-N-Fun we will complete the final flight test. So we hope to be able to offer them starting May 1st. We will keep you posted in the next Newsletter on availability and price.

On the lighter side . . .
My son Jimmy, who is a student at Kent State University, just received his pilot's license two months ago. His first ride was going to be with his Grandfather, however we realized that Grandpa was not going to fit in the 152. So my son had to get his 5 hours in with a 172 in order to get signed off with Kent State's flying club. Well with winter here in Cleveland, we finally got a nice sunny day! While trying to get Grandpa into the 172 blood pressures were starting to rise! He looked at me and said "If you can't get me in this airplane then just duck tape me to the strut!" If you haven't seen my dad in awhile that idea would have created a hell of a lot of drag!!!!  Yes we did finally get him in and it was a proud moment for both of them!

Feedback and Questions
Please feel to write us at anytime with questions and let us know what you would like to see featured in the up and coming newsletters.

Sincerely Yours,

Jim Bede Jr.


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