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Tennessee Urban Forestry CouncilNOVEMBER 2016

Trees of Tennessee on sale to celebrate TUFC's anniversary

Support TUFC and celebrate the state's top trees with Trees of Tennessee, now on sale at the anniversary price of $25 including tax and shipping. MORE

10 presidents convene for anniversary


Ten presidents of TUFC celebrated the organization's 25th anniversary as nearly a hundred tree enthusiasts attended the 25th annual urban forestry conference sponsored by TUFC in Murfreesboro October 6-7. MORE

Six honored with Awards of Excellence

Presidents Award

Six categories of winners were recognized at the 25th annual conference dinner with Urban and Community Forestry Awards of Excellence. MORE

Registry adds seven significant state trees

Adair Oak

The Tennessee Tree Registry has accepted three historic, two landmark, and two heritage trees. MORE

West chapter meets December 15

The West chapter of TUFC meets December 15 at Memphis Botanic Garden in My Big Back Yard Guest House. MORE


Emerald ash borer

  • 59 counties including Davidson are now under state/federal quarantine.
  • EAB cannot be contained, and all ash species are at risk of dying.
  • Significant ash trees can sometimes be saved with permanent chemical treatments, if diagnosed early.
  • The most important way to slow the spread of EAB is to stop moving firewood.
Don't Move Firewood
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