OL Monitor updates

The current version of OL Monitor (1.60) contains the following updates since 1.54:

  • Password change: The password for Sunquest logon and for the settings change protection are now separate.  Also the password is obscured with asterisks when typing it in.
  • Multiple CID/Smart info changes and enhancements. Now can condense by CID.
  • Added scrollbar to filters tab.  Unlimited filter length possible.
  • Other minor changes see: History.txt


Would it be useful to add PL (Pending Log) functionality to OL Monitor?  Submit your answer in this quick poll: PL Question
How do you have OL Monitor deployed?  Deployment question 

DragInfo Update:

DragInfo can now be synced with a plaintext file.  See blog post here: DragInfo

More Excel Macros:

Excel Turn-Around-Time macro.  Example calculates average TAT from a rather unfriendly exported report.
Lab billing/How to combine multiple workbooks Shows how to collate a folder full of daily reports into one monthly report.


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