HRP module ready to go:

At long last HRP is ready for prime time. I would like to thank the tireless efforts of Scott Schneider in testing and retesting the HRP module.Thanks also to Joyce Massey from NE Ga Med for her help testing HRP and pointing out a number of issues.
If you don't know what HRP is, it's a report that allows you to see orders that will not show up on the pending log or the overdue log. 

The HRP report contains nurse/restricted/micro orders and other things.  At this time only the "Orders Not Processed" report is supported. There is also a Sunquest errors log that you can check that someone mentioned, if you are interested in that one let me know.  The hard work in adapting the macro to HRP has been done so it shouldn't be difficult to add in support for these other reports.
To try out the HRP module download the latest version of OL Monitor and go to the HRP tab:

Here is a link to HRP option covered in detail in online manual.
Here is a brief video intro of HRP:

New features:
- 'Constituent' tests can now be displayed.  These are those tests that appear in parentheses below the primary test.  One example would be if the primary test is 'BMP', and the constituent tests would be 'NA, K, CL, CO2,.. etc'.
Another example say for Blood Bank you have a crossmatch order that consists of the ABO, Crossmatch, and maybe a Hold Clot, you might want to see all the tests or those tests which are not resulted within the main crossmatch order:
  <--  So here normally you would just see that these 2 patients have a 'TXM' pending.  But in the constituent tests we see that the 2nd one has 3 components pending and the first just 1.
For some panels these tests are irrelevant but for others being able to see these tests might be very useful.
This feature was developed for a site that absolutely needed it for Ol Monitor to be useful in their Blood Bank.  So you might want to ask your Blood Bank techs if this feature would be helpful to them.
This feature works best with the 'Condense tests' feature (Advanced tab) turned on, otherwise the list can get really long.
- A pause button was added to the toolbar to stop OL Monitor from doing any of its automated activities while you are trying to work with the program.
- A filter out duplicates option was added to the advanced tab.  There is already some duplicate filtering built in to OL Monitor, but if you are using multiple worksheets or OL with PL you need this new feature turned on.
- I would like to welcome Clinical Pathology Laboratories to the Ol Monitor family.  Ol Monitor has now also been adapted to work with the Sunquest commercial labs product at the request of CPL labs based in Austin. From what I understand this is more of a reference lab system but if you know of any labs that are using that system you could let them know about Ol Monitor.  Many thanks to Brad McGavock for all his efforts in testing this module.

Changes/bug fixes:
- When installing OL monitor for the first time on a computer test mode is enabled by default, and upon refresh test data will be displayed. This is to help new users play around with the functions without having to fiddle around with the Sunquest connection.
- A fix for the overflow number 6 error that would sometimes come up related to the time calculations.
- A bug was found with the sorting that started in version 1.86.
- Another bug with the turnaround time coloring and alerts was found and fixed. For more detail see the version history log.
- A problem with the log encryption was fixed. After switching on the encryption you might get some error messages when it would immediately read an older, unencrypted log. This is been fixed.
- CPL only: Normally every assay in a test panel is listed on the test line. I created a panel maker application to allow you to set up panels. This will shrink the test listing of all assays in a CMP to just say CMP and so on.
- There have often been some cases where the setting for the Sunquest server IP address could be lost when reinstalling or updating. The process for handling this has been greatly improved.
- SSH connection: There were some issues that could affect SSH users if they ever changed the Sunquest server IP address or updated, it would not update the ip and you would have to do it manually.  This has been fixed.

Windows 7 migration help:
This was in the last email but here they are again: 3 blog posts cover every aspect of migrating OL Monitor to Windows 7:
Installing Ol Monitor on Windows 7
Migrating Ol Monitor from XP to 7
Windows 7 Compatibility

At my 'day job', October was my month to be the 'Promise behavior champion'.  In keeping with this months focus on 'Emotional Wellness', I made a simple game where you can see how your treatment of a co-worker has different outcomes.  In the game, after treating your co-worker nicely I recommend re-playing and try being mean to him to see the outcome.
Emotional Wellness Exercise.

Have fun!
Eric Ainsworth

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