Pending logs:

After many revisions the PL module appears to be running smoothly. 
HUGE thanks to beta testers Troy Hemberger of BryanLGH Medical center and Jeffrey Evens of Regions Hospital.  Their tireless efforts transformed the PL module from clunky to spunky.

Now you can pull in data from the pending log and the overdue log at the same time or solo.  This has been the #1 most requested feature for a long time.
The beta trial still doesn't expire until December 15th.  So there are still 10 days left to try it out for yourself.  
Full version (use your existing serial number):
 Trial version:

Ready for purchase now:
I wish I could have added this as one of the free updates, but this project took a great deal of time and effort.  The PL module is an add-on to your existing OL Monitor and will require a PL license purchase to enjoy.  The PL license pricing will be $349 per license. More details on the purchase page:

There is a short video explaining the PL module here:
PL Module in online manual:

Other news:
Filters are confusing
I added an example page to the online manual explaining filters and their nuances:
If you have any tips regarding filters to add or have questions reply to the post on the forum:
(or just email me).

Ol Monitor changes v1.74:
(The full version on the server is still 1.73, it will be updated on dec 15.  At this point only the beta versions contain the following changes)
-Various fixes
-Added PL option tab
-Big change to the way refresh countdown is calculated.  Time to refresh is now a measured average and used instead of the fixed 'refresh time' that you have set in the options tab.  This should make the macro and OL monitor program sync up much better.  
-Status bar now shows what the status of the macro is: Pulling OL log, Pulling PL log, or waiting.
-HMS only - minor corrections in timer to remove irrelevant Smarterm checks.

Happy Holidays!

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