Sorry about the blank message that was sent yesterday, the email service I use went haywire after an upgrade.
It wasn't about anything very important just announcing a new website. Here is a copy the email I was trying to send:

Hi I just wanted to let you know about a new website for labs that I've been working on.
What's there?
  1. Free Lab Software - Some useful utilities. Download and use for free!
  2. Log Sheet templates - Nice Word and Excel templates that may be useful to you.
  3. Ideas/Fun stuff - Posts on lab life, video links, and a growing collection of...

You know you’ve been in the lab too long when: See the rest of the jokes at: more... More jokes and material are on the way so be sure to check back!

Coming soon: "You know your instrument is a piece of junk when..."
"What to write on your Annual Performance Evaluation"

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