OL Monitor works with 6.4

I've received a lot of emails recently about 6.4.  The OLM the listserv post referred to is the old Classic version of OL Monitor.  The VIM version does work with 6.4.  6.3 required a revamp of the macro for VIM and effectively 'broke' the Classic version.  Although I do not support the Classic version anymore, I looked into making it work, but it is/was stitched too closely to the old Sunquest to fix.  Sites that are live with 6.4 confirm that they are running Ol Monitor VIM with no issues.

Going to a new LIS system? Take OL Monitor with you:

I recently finished adapting OL Monitor for use with the HMS system. If you are facing an upcoming switch or know of a lab unfortunate enough to be using an LIS other than Sunquest let me know. It's easier than you might think.

PL (pending log) macro ready for testing

I have begun development of a PL module and have a PL test macro for you to try out. 
It's very easy.  After you run this installer:

Restart Smarterm, and create a new macro, name it anything and paste in this:
Sub CallPL
    '! Macro created by Eric
    Call PlCap
end sub

That's it!  Login to Sunquest, run the CallPL from the FUNCTION: prompt and see how far it gets.  It will capture the pending log to your desktop, it will also write an errorlog to your desktop.  Send the resulting files to me.  The purpose of this is to get a sampling of logs from various sites and see if they are consistent.
PL forum discussion and poll results:

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