New feature and minor bugfixes.

A 'custom prompt and reply' feature has been added to the login options.  Some sites have an additional login prompt and password.  With the custom prompt you can type in the prompt (ex "login:"), and supply the password or leave the field blank to have it just press enter.

This could possibly be used for other things as well.  Remember though the custom prompt and reply only works for the login and Function: area of the macro, the part of the macro that handles the Overdue Log menu screen is separate.

The second feature is a 'treat partials as received' option.  If a test is partially received, it may get a % sign in the receive time field instead of a time and date.  This was causing OL Monitor to discard the test as junk.  The new feature allows such tests to stay on the list. 

Bugfix for sorting:  When using the grouping sort you should be able to use a partial string to match multiple locations etc.  For example if the grouping sort was "ER" it should match "ER6, ER7..."  But it was requiring an exact match, this has been fixed.

The latest version is v1.65.

Budget time

I have been told by a few sites that they have been waiting till this time of the year to submit their budget requests for more OL Monitor licenses.  If you haven't asked for a quote recently you will find the new invoicing system to be quick and streamlined.  Just drop me a line if you need a speedy quote.

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