ADT Error Log Report support added to OL Monitor.  Other new features and enhancements.

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OL Monitor versions 1.87c-1.88

Ol Monitor Feature update  Spring 2015

What is Ol Monitor?   You already know but here is a quick presentation, feel free to share this:

(There is a link to download the ppt file at the bottom of online presentation)

ADT Error Log Report added:

The HRP module can now pull the ADT error log
Data from the ADT Error Log Report can be added alongside Ol Log and/or PL log data in any existing OL Monitor installation.  Or ADT error log data only can be displayed.  The error log typically contains a lot of duplicate messages, it's unsorted, hard to read, you have to let it print out periodically, etc.  All these issues are solved by Ol Monitor.  You can apply filters, sorts, and coloring to the ADT error log data to make seeing significant errors easy. Like the OL and PL log, the data is updated continuously so you will see errors as soon as they happen.
Somebody's job is about to get a whole lot easier!
See this blog entry for more info on trying out the new HRP module with ADT Error log:
Getting started with ADT Error Log

Other report modules:

You may not have heard about the other 2 reports that OL Monitor can pull:

PL Module:

Unlike the standard OL log, the PL report module can view outstanding future (and current) uncollected (and collected) tests. This is useful for phlebotomy collections or giving your techs a little lead time to prepare for time-sensitive tests or tests that require prep-time as soon as they are ordered. Previous email news introducing PL Module:
PL Module email 1
PL Module email 2

There is a short video explaining how to configure the PL module here:
PL Module video

PL Module in online manual:


HRP Orders Not Processed:

With this report you can see outstanding tests that have not been sent over yet. Nurse collected specimens such as micro cultures etc appear here.  Orders  put in after the original orders without notifying the lab is one scenario where HRP is used.  HRP catches those little buggers and avoids the headache of missing tests.
Previous email news about HRP module:
HRP module email

HRP Module in online manual:

Various bugfixes/feature improvements

Versions 1.87d-1.88 *Note this is a partial list, for the full list see:

November 4 2013 (1.87e)
-Numerous improvements to problem reporting process
-Fixed a bug where constituent tests were being read in regardless of whether 'Read constituent tests' option was checked or not.

December 30 2013 (1.87g)
-One minor change to macro to detect Smarterm freezes and exit.

March 27 2014 (1.87i)
-Added option to disable column click sorting.
-Fix for error: "Error in: cboTAT_Click #:9 Subscript out of range" when switching to using ini file after using registry as the settings location.  Windows ini file api can write an unlimited amount of text to an ini file however it can only read in up to 4095 characters. Go figure. Added check for > 4095 characters and alternate function reads in the whole line. Way to go Saint Alphonsus for inputting 45 turnaround times with 2000 tests in all defined!!

April 22 2014 (1.87j)
-Fix for Stat sound never playing.
-Added macro timing controls to Misc option tab.  Use to tweak the speed of the macro, time to wait for data capture, use with caution.

September 24 2014
-Added save last copy of OlProcessLog.txt file before purging file.

February 25 2015 (1.87q)
-fix for possible endless loop in macro at FUNCTION: going to PRINTER: prompt.

March 4 2015 (1.87s)
-Fix for LAST SPOT showing up on CID field.

Thank you for your support of OL Monitor.
The only advertising or marketing for OL Monitor is by word-of-mouth. If you have found OL Monitor to be useful please help by spreading the word to your friends and colleagues. OL Monitor has been and can be adapted for use with other LIS systems.

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