Windows 7 compatibility:

With version 1.77 Ol Monitor is now Windows 7 compatible.  To be compatible with Windows 7, the locations of various files (ini file, captured logfiles, error log, and session file) had to be changed.  Since changing these locations on existing XP installations might cause problems, Ol Monitor detects the OS and works the same as always if it's on XP.  So you can continue to update your current XP installations without worry.  
*(In Windows 7 you can enable 'compatibility mode' option that tricks a program into thinking it is running in XP.  So in Ol Monitor there is an option to override the OS detection in advanced settings.  It only seemed fair to give the program an option to know the truth.  Actually this was left in for troubleshooting purposes only, I do not recommend overriding OS detection otherwise.)

HRP module:

Hot on the heels of the PL module integration, work is in progress on an HRP module.  In fact it is almost done, all that remains is an adaptation for the HRP report format.  Many many thanks to Pat Penland from Northside Hospital for testing every stage of this module.  If anyone else is interested in testing HRP just update your version as usual:
Although you won't see any data at this stage it will capture the HRP log.  With just a few more samples of those HRP logs, I can complete the integration.

New field added:

New fields were added for HMS and Sunquest in version 1.79.  These fields can now be used in sorts and filters.
Sunquest: Previously the only way to use the lab department code was to use department filters.  Now the department code can be used in filters just like any other field.

HMS: A 'Hospital Service Code' field was added. 

To see the new field, go into options and under 'Display fields' select the field.

New grouping sort option:

You can now choose 2 types of group sorting: Loose or Strict.  The default has always been 'Loose', which allowed a short string to match on the first portion of a field.  
This was useful if you had say multiple ER locations (ER, ER1, ER2...) but wanted them all to be sorted to the top without defining a sort for each.
It was pointed out that this wasn't very handy in the case of sorting multiple priorities.  Trying to sort on 'S' for stat would also bring up any other priorities starting with 'S'.  So a sort for stats (S) would also sort up any others like Scheduled (SC).  To solve this you can now choose strict matching.
It's a little hard to explain, the online help does it better:

Other updates:

Problem report process improved: When generating a problem report a single, more informative window now pops up.

HMS updates:
  • Due to all the changes required to integrate PL for Sunquest, the HMS code was affected in versions 1.77-1.78 beta.  This is now fixed.
  • The time to refresh (shown in status bar) is now also a calculated number for HMS.  The intent is to make Ol Monitor sync up nicely with the server file updates.
  • A topic was added to the online manual for the HMS tab.  If anyone has any tips or an install guide for HMS that they would like to be included in the online documentaion please let me know.
 There were a number of other changes, but none of them were very interesting.  For a more detailed listing of recent updates start at version 1.74 in the history file:

New blog post: VBA Code for creating a mini calendar in an Excel spreadsheet:

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