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    I often ponder how much collective time could be saved worldwide if only everyone knew how to write Excel macros. See how an Excel macro made a lab reporting process that once took 5-10 minutes take 30 seconds. It's all clearly explained in my 6-part Excel macro tutorial: Excel macro tutorial & complete macro files.

    It has been 92 days since LabLarry posted a question about CAP inspections in the forum and still no replies... :(

OL Monitor:
    There is a new post on the OL Monitor blog regarding optimizing OL Monitor and/or troubleshooting freezing issues:
Sluggish OL Monitor/Optimizing OL Monitor

Minor changes to current version: 1.54, see complete revision history: History.txt. Registered users contact me if you need the link to download the latest full version, or just use the autoupdater.

Speaking of wasted time, reports indicate that American workers spend an appalling amount of time on social networking sites, namely Facebook...

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