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Yung Neek

South Carolina's Young Neek has definitely got the formula. His latest single, "Juggin Round Da City" is a street record with big club potential.

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K-100 Radio is now BDS Registered!

Premium Member and Media Partner, K-100 Radio has been dominating 2016. Officially becoming a BDS monitored, the broadcast was awarded Radio Station of the Year at this year's SEA and SCMA awards.

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Last month Reggae/Hip-Hop duo, Jamballaz, dropped the video for their latest single, "Filthy". A catchy record that showcases the group's unique style, the music video perfectly compliments the record with an intriguing visual that will keep you watching until the very end.

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One of my favorite things about doing the Networking Newsletter is it gives us an opportunity to spotlight great artists who might otherwise slip through the cracks. Bukeka, is a dope signer with a soulful voice and positive message. Watch the entire video and see a real musician work. 

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Chaos Da BossMan

The intro may be a little cliche, but once you get pass that, you have to acknowledge the gritty street appeal of Chaos Da Bossman's latest single, "Had Enough", Representing the great start of Mississippi, Chaos aims to bring reality back to rap.

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Fight the Power!! Black Lives Matter
New Music Video "The System" by Nef Dallas. Sitting at all four sides of the table, Dallas flips the script on those who dont believe that Black Lives Matter. A quick look on what it would be like to see your own kind murdered with out any conviction or justice. A bold and daring message.
(518) 291-2758
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Asia Nicole is on the rise to stardom
Multiple award-winning Teen star, Asia Nicole is on the rise to stardom this Atlanta Artist is making a household name for herself her Single Messages is featured in over 10 blogs. Messages discusses how her guy stated he wanted to be with her once he got her he played games and ignored her messages
(904) 583-0769
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New Music Video
New music video - Roll Em (Roll the Dice) is out. Come to the website http://www.theagencyheadquarters.com. Album out on I-tunes and google play Episode 2: Agent on a Mission. Mixtape - Mission Objectives: Project Overload available.
(609) 858-3137
100 CDs w/sleeves Duplicated for $35
ARTIST: Don't get caught without music! Always be prepared to give your music to fans, DJs, or Label reps at a moment's notice. Get 100 CDs duplicated with THERMAL print, and FREE plastic sleeves! (No inkjet)
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Professional Mastering Just $35
Don't send your music to DJs, Radio Stations or Labels without first having it professionally mastered to give it that industry standard sound. Click link below for details and to check out samples.
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