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MP-13 Masterpiece Soundwave Preorder Status Update
We've been waiting for quite some time for an update on our Masterpiece Soundwave shipment, and unfortunately Takara/Tomy has decided to delay any further shipments without a definite release date. Our assumption is likely around the same time they release the Hasbro version or potentially even later, but this is purely speculation.   We are very frustrated by the situation, but now that we finally have some information we want to update everyone who preordered.  We also found out some shops were extremely short shipped, and had issues getting any of their stock.   Fortunately we received all of the first part of our order and in the past we have never had any issue or shortage getting any of our stock from Takara/Tomy, this is truly a first.  

To be clear, on three separate occasions we've received confirmation of our order and that it would ship on a certain date: we were told it would ship out right after our first shipment, then in February, then March.  All we can do is go off of the information they provide, we just hope they can quickly confirm when our order will finally ship.  However as that could be some time from now, we want to give everyone an update and chance to cancel.   

Due to the very unfortunate circumstances and uncertainty around the actual second shipment and when it is received, we are inviting anyone that wants to cancel their preorder at this point to do so. Simply email with your order #, and we will be happy to remove your Soundwave and issue a full refund if you prepaid.  Our sincere apologies for the circumstances.  In all the hundreds of items we've carried over the years from TakaraTomy, truly TFSource has never once had a delay like this on any item or any significant shortage, much less this highly of an anticipated piece.

Additionally, we have expended tremendous effort in the past couple of days to acquire as much stock from many different sources, often paying over our retail price to make sure we can still fill as many orders as possible.  However, there simply are not any shops out there with any significant stock due to the above mentioned situation to fill all of our preorders that are currently outstanding.   These additional purchases will trickle in throughout next month.   So dependent on where you are in the queue we'll ship out your order as we receive this stock.  We have a master list compiled of every preorder/stacked order and instock order and will fill them as the stock comes in. 

Finally, we know this news will upset many of our customers, as a result and regardless of our policy on short or canceled shipments we will offer a one-time Customer Appreciation Credit to each customer who was affected by this and asks to have their preorder canceled.  It is a $20 store credit voucher per customer for any Masterpiece item on our site.  This needs to be redeemed on a regular preorder or instock order (non-stacked preorder) by 4/10/2013.  More details on this follows below.

What Happens Next?
  • If you want to cancel your Masterpiece Soundwave, email with your order #.  If stacked you can log into my source and cancel by clicking on the red X in your stack manager to cancel if it's a preorder.  If it's a stacked order showing instock, email the above email address to cancel.
  • If you want to keep waiting, no action is necessary.   Just be aware that there will likely be a lower priced Hasbro version that will be released sometime which could be around the time we receive our shipment.  Our shipment could even ship out later, or not at all, Takara has committed to no official date on this as of today all they're saying is "delayed"
For those that pre-paid:
Keep in mind there is a limit on how far back we can issue refunds to a credit card or via paypal, if your payment date exceeds that time limit and want to cancel it's no longer possible for us to issue a refund.  Only store credit will be offered if this time frame is exceeded.

What if I have an MP-13 showing Instock?
There is no guarantee we will fill these orders with the additional stock we acquired.  We'll work backwards from what date all orders were placed/stacked and offer the stock to customers, as per our preorder FAQs.   We won't hold back any stock, once they arrive each piece will be offered one by one to customers, and they will need to pay and have theirs ship out immediately, or lose their space in line and it will then be offered to the next customer.  Due to this we can't say if yours will be filled or not.  We'll email you directly when they arrive, or for those that pre-paid it will ship out and you will get a notification when it ships. 

For anyone that purchased multiple Soundwaves, you will receive at most one piece based on your spot in the line.  If you want more if takara offers additional stock or preorders you can order again on our site.  This policy includes wholesale customers.  You will only get store credit of $20 per customer to redeem, not per piece ordered. 

How to redeem your Store Credit Voucher   For anyone that cancels a Masterpiece Soundwave from their order we are offering a one-time store credit of $20 towards any Masterpiece figure on our site, preorder or instock.   This must be redeemed by 4/10/2013 and to redeem this simply place an order and put in the notes section:   “TFSource Cancelation for MP-13 – Order #XXXXX”   with your individual order # for your MP-13 in place of the X’s or in the case of order stacking your email address at TFsource.    We will keep track of every order canceled and every customer impacted by this and if they have redeemed their credit.  Unfortunately this cannot be applied to any order placed via order stacking, so it needs to be a regular instock or preorder placed on the site to receive the store credit. 

What is TFsource's Policy on Short Shipments from Suppliers?
From our FAQs:

“Q: What if you are short shipped and do not receive all of your product from your supplier?
In the case of short shipment, we will prioritize filling preorders in the order they were received. If we do not receive enough stock to fill all orders, we will only fill those orders that we have stock to fill. We will issue a refund to those that prepaid and we cannot fill those orders, those orders that were not filled will be canceled. We will not offer any compensation to customers for preorders that we are unable to fill based on our supplier short-shipping an order.”

TFSource - now accepting Paypal payments for stacked orders!
You asked for it, and now you can pay with a credit card or Paypal for your stacked orders!
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