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Dock Extension

A big thank you to everyone who worked on the new dock extension including Neil the carpenter, Melissa, Gary, Eric, John, Michael, Paul, Chris, Chloe, and Nate. Also thank you Darrell, Barbara, Jinny, Ed, Yohann, and Ellen!    A special thanks to Pinneo Construction for the time and materials! Now, ready all row!

Vesper Dock Extension Building Crew
Board Meeting

The next Vesper Board Meeting will be this Thursday April 8th @7pm on Zoom.    Agenda and zoom link will be forthcoming.
New Prospective Member

Below is some information about a prospective new member.     If you should have any questions about membership, please contact the Membership Chair

Sophie Morgan Pennoyer - Full Membership

Sophie Morgan Pennoyer

Sponsor - Charlotte Forman

Previous Clubs - Colgate University, Vesper (U23), DULBC Trinity Women's rowing (Ireland), University of Virginia.

Sculling Experience - I sculled a bit on my own in the summers, but never really competitively.

Sweeping Experience - I walked on at Colgate University where I rowed for 2 years, then raced in the u23 women's 8 for Vesper in the summer of 2016. I was recruited to the University of Virginia the next spring where I rowed pairs, 4's, and 8's. I was at UVA for 2.5 years and raced mostly in the 8.

News Submissions

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