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The next meeting of the Vesper Board is scheduled for Thursday May 6th at 7pm as a Zoom.

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From the Captains...
  • iCrew Boat Reservations/Check-Out:  We have an online reservation system for all club boats
    • Please do not simply take a boat out without a reservation and checking the boat out onto the water. A member might see the boat is available, reserve it then come to the club to find it unavailable.  
    • Boats can be reserved under the ‘Today’ section at the bottom or through the Reservations tab at the top
    • You do not need to make the reservation in advance.  You can check out on the water at the same time as you make the reservation
    • The 'On the water log' is the ONLY way to log miles.
  • iCrew COVID screening:
    • Found under the Today section at the bottom of the app or by clicking on the thermometer icon at the top.
    • There are 5 questions that we need you to answer to acknowledge you are symptom free and have not been exposed to the virus.
    • This should take approximately 15 seconds to complete
  • New member meet-up row
    • Sundays at 8:30a
    • There are a handful of new members at Vesper!  We would like to suggest a time for those to meet up for a row - either in singles or declared bubbles.  The hope is to give new members a chance to meet existing members and find new people to row with.
    • All club protocols regarding masks and distances must be maintained
    • We ask that you reserve your boat at this time to acknowledge your attendance
End of Life Notice for Key FOBs

Effective July 1, 2021 Vesper will no longer be using or issuing FOBS for club access. All FOBS will be deactivated at that time.

Five years ago, we began using VIZpin, which primarily supports smart phone access. At that time we were advised by the company that fobs were on the way out in as little as one year. The company was able to prolong the life of our existing keys, but this is no longer sustainable as the system has grown.

After investigating alternatives, it is clear that staying with VIZpin is our best economic choice for the near future and we ask that you support this decision. To facilitate the transition, there will be Zoom sessions to guide members who require help installing the App. Routine troubleshooting guidelines will be posted on the club website and near the door.

Lastly, we are developing a small team of “on-call” people who will be able to open the door and re-set the system in the rare event the system is down. This is mainly for the early morning Coaches and their teams.

Boat House Cleaning

As you all know the club is slowly opening up and there is more activity in and around the boathouse. For fiscal reasons, we presently do not have a cleaning crew coming into the club each week. For that reason the House Committee is asking club members to take on the responsibility for cleaning and maintaining the areas within the club.

Please review the available areas to be cleaned below and click on the button to sign up. Thank you!

Note that the slots are a commitment for 6 months of service at least once per week.    How each area's group divides up the work is the responsibility of that group.

If you have any questions, please contact John Tierney:



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