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The Board has approved some important changes. Please read carefully and all the way through--

  • Every member in the bubble must be fully vaccinated2-weeks post second Pfizer/Moderna dose or 2-weeks post single J&J dose
  • Every member in the bubble must send a copy of their vaccination card to or to a member of the Pandemic Task Force (Tom Simon, Shannon Kaplan, Cassandra Cunningham, Ellis Mair, Erika McCormick, Emma Tierney, Eileen Normoyle, Nan Dormans, Jenn Mussio, or Mari Folco)
  • We will delete record of your card after we see it. If you have already sent us your card, you do not need to do so again. 
  • Masks must be worn until after shoving off the dock and beforereturning to the dock (may be removed while rowing)
    • Each bubble shall declare a 'Bubble Captain' who will email First Name and Last Name of each person in your bubble to; your bubble will then appear HERE
    • The Bubble Captain must notify of any additions or changes to the bubble
    • You may have up to 10 people per bubble (fewer is okay)
    • Any member who would like to switch bubbles must wait 14 days from their last row with the previous bubble before rowing with a new bubble
    • Members may not be in more than one bubble at a time 
    • If you were previously in a 5-person vaccinated bubble or 2-person unvaccinated bubble that is now vaccinated, this process will replace those
    • All members who are vaccinated and wish to row unmasked team boats must follow this new process to declare a bubble   
4-person UNVACCINATED MASKED bubbles 
  • You may form up to a 4-person bubble if at least one person in you bubble is unvaccinated
  • Unvaccinated bubbles must KEEP MASKS ON AT ALL TIMES, including while rowing
  • Please declare your 4-person unvaccinated bubble HERE
Guest Policy
  • At this time, there are no guests allowed at the club for rowing
  • Guests who are entering the club for any other reason must be approved by the President or the Pandemic Task Force
If you have any questions about these new guidelines and processes, please don't hesitate to reach out!

All Together, 
Mari & Jenn

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