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Return to Rowing

There is a lot of important information in here, so please be sure to read all the way through!
As of now, the board has only approved use of singles, doubles, weight room, and outdoor cardio equipment. Anyone who is interested in accessing any club equipment must follow these steps in the VBC COVID Protocol Acknowledgement Form
  1. Read the Return to Rowing policies (linked in the form)
  2. Declare your non-same-household 2x, if you wish to row a 2x (linked in the form) - you do not need to physically sign anything on paper
  3. Sign your name in acknowledgment of all policies (in the form)
The Captains will create your iCrew account for boathouse and equipment access only after you have completed these steps. 

  • The dock and ramp are back! They are currently accessible for launching, and we are working on a better configuration to push the dock out to deeper water. 
  • The dock and ramp are both significantly narrower than they used to be. This means that two shells cannot be on the ramp at the same time and two boats should not be carried going opposite directions on the dock. If you see multiple boats returning to the dock, please wait to start down the ramp.
  • 90 second limit on the dock: any adjustments should be made on the water after you shove off
  • Cleaning boats: all shells and tracks should be wiped down after every row. Boats should be washed in the side yard on Saturdays. 
  • As always, and perhaps more than usual, please use common sense on and around the dock! 

  • All equipment needs to be reserved or checked-in/out using iCrew.  This will be the new mileage logging system (Goodbye Access database, you served us well)
  • All available equipment is in iCrew
    • Club singles (except for the three at HRC - they will be returning this week)
    • Club doubles (for those wishing to partake in the double bubbles) - Foot stretchers for Vengeful and Virtuous are being fixed and will be online later this week.
    • Private singles - majority have been loaded into iCrew. If your boat does not show up in iCrew, or you share a boat with someone, please let us know. You should be able to change the data for your private boat (name/make/model/insurer/etc...) in your member profile.
  • Please avoid the docks during the following times (you may launch in between these times):
    • Monday-Friday: 5:30a; 6:30a; 3:45-4:15p; 5:30-6p
    • Saturday Morning:  7-7:45a; 8:45-9:45a; 11-11:45a
This is a constantly changing situation and we appreciate your patience while we navigate pandemic policies, dock movement, and a new electronic system for the club. We will do our best to keep everyone updated as any changes occur, and if you have any questions in the meantime, please don't hesitate to reach out to

Hope to see you on the water soon!

Mari and Jenn 
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