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Hi All, 

The Pandemic Committee has been working diligently to stay current with all updates to COVID-19 guidelines as they continue to roll out in the city of Philadelphia. More changes are expected in the next few weeks, so we appreciate you reading each email carefully, staying patient, and adhering to the guidelines that do remain in place. 

  • Fully vaccinated members are no longer required to wear masks when OUTSIDE of the club structure (this means masks not required on the dock, side yard, or while rowing)
  • Fully vaccinated members are still required to wear masks INSIDE THE CLUB, including boat bays
  • Unvaccinated members are still required to wear masks AT ALL TIMES - BOTH INDOORS AND OUTDOORS
  • ALL members who are fully vaccinated and wish to remove their masks when outside must send/show a copy of their vaccination card to a member of the Pandemic Committee and/or to the captains ( This includes anyone rowing their private single or any club boats. 
  • Pandemic Committee includes: Tom Simon, Shannon Kaplan, Cass Cunningham, Ellis Mair, Erika McCormick, Jenn Mussio, Mari Folco and Eileen Normoyle
  • We will delete record of your card after receiving it

  • All members who wish to take out any equipment (personal or club) or access the club for any other reason must have an iCrew account (this includes all members of a vaccinated team boat, not just the person signing out the boat)
  • If you would like access to iCrew, please sign the COVID Acknowledgement Form and the Captains will follow up with your account information
As always, we ask that you continue to use your best judgment to keep yourself and the membership safe. If you do not feel well, stay home! 
And on a non-COVID-19 note...

  • We need a handful of members this this Sunday May 30th at 8:00am to help restore some of the depth in front of the dock.
  • This will be manual labor and dirty. We will be using 2x6" boards to loosen the silt, then follow with bubblers to move the silt away.  
  • This will be an ongoing requirement until we are dredged, so if you can't make it this week, there will be other opportunities.
  • Once we have more water around the docks, we need to consistently use the bubblers to keep the silt at bay.  For this we need a small task force to:
    • Ensure they are running
    • Deploy the bubblers around the dock to where they are needed
  • If you are interested in either, please contact Vesper Captain  
Mari & Jenn

All Together, 
Mari & Jenn

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