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Thank you for stopping by the Independent Forensics booth at the recent ISHI meeting.

As always, we enjoyed meeting everyone and demonstrating our products and newest technology for biology/serology and DNA analysis. We will be following up with you about your specific request. In the meantime, here are some highlights from the meeting:



Improve your DNA Profiling Success Rate

Improve your DNA profiling success rate from real-world samples – from firearms, tape lifts, duct tape, fingerprints, LCM samples, low template samples, touch DNA. Learn More.

Rescue your Profiles

Rescue your Partial Profiles
  • Analyze up to 90% of your data/amplified fragments you didn't use.
  • Simplify mixture interpretation
  • Is your minor profile too minor? Recover enough DNA to bring up that profile. Learn More.

Improve Sexual Assault Workflow

Improve Sexual Assault Workflow
  • Identify semen using  RSID SEMEN.
  • Stain in solution (in tube) using SPERM HY-LITER SOS/New 20 minute protocol.
  • More sensitive, faster, and less expensive than Y quant or Y- STRs for SAE screening. Measure the parameter required for differential extraction success (i.e. sperm cells!).
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Better optics, optimized for SPERM HY-LITER™ staining, customizable to fit your budget. Package price includes on-site forensic specific training. Learn More.

Interested in an on-site SPERM HY-LITER™ Workshop? Learn More

Triage your Evidence

  • Imagine testing for semen and saliva, from a single sample on the same lateral flow test without loss of sensitivity or change of specificity! Come see the data!
  • Use confirmatory tests for identifying blood and semen, and test for human saliva before going to DNA.

New Multi-Plex RSID test that can ID SALIVA and SEMEN on the same cassette.

RSID™ Reader

New Swag

Independent Forensics is a fully accredited ISO17025 facility, we have solutions for your most difficult DNA cases: touch and sexual assault evidence. Learn More >>>

IFI offers on-site workshops, demonstrations, installation, and training for forensic laboratories worldwide. Contact Us Today >>>
If there is anything else that you need urgently, please contact us. 
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Thank you again for your interest in our products and services.
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