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These are some of the most difficult and different times we’ve ever lived through. 

We aren’t medical experts, but we are keen observers of people and money. We’re hoping that you’ve taken our advice and built an emergency fund to help float you through unexpected financial times like these.

If you haven’t, we’re not shaming you, but we are going to encourage you to be creative and courageous in your pursuits to provide for your family.

As we mentioned in the last newsletter we’ve been trading some of our orchard citrus with other gardeners. It’s a lot of fun to put in new plants and trees that we haven’t had on our property. 

one of 4 sugar cane plants we're growing.      A longevity spinach plant we traded for.

One of 4 Mulberry Trees we planted this year.    One of our bathrooms that we will be
(2 are dwarf trees)                                                putting new cabinets and flooring in.

And we've just started tearing out cabinets and flooring in two of our bathrooms. Hoping to have this project completed in a couple of weeks.

What’s Retail Arbitrage?

And How Can You Make a Side Hustle Income or Full-Time Income at it?

If you’re looking for a semi-fast way to make some additional cash, check out the Free Webinar - 6 Steps to Starting A Profitable Amazon FBA Business from the Selling Family. DON'T PAY ATTENTION TO THE DATE. This is a recorded webinar and all you need to do is give them your email address to get the free training right away. 

They make their living buying low and selling high on Amazon (like more than $60,000 each year).

In this newsletter, you’ll find an article that goes into detail about how four different families have made a living with Retail Arbitrage. We interviewed Cliff and Jessica Larrew in this article. They’re making a full-time income doing retail arbitrage as Amazon resellers.

We’re making frugal fun!

PS: There are some links for affiliate relationships where we may receive a small commission if you make a purchase. No purchase is required to get some of this great information.


New Grocery Shopping Tips for
a World-Wide Flu

Have you been affected by grocery panic buying?

The worldwide flu has created upheaval and overload on our medical community and economy. Panic buying has hit the grocery stores and as a result, your grocery strategies will need to change.

We're sharing multiple grocery strategies to help you survive a Flu Pandemic and Panic Buying. We'll also help you with Stocking Up and Emergency Preparedness.

Read More 

Cheap Prescriptions: 13 Ways to Save at the Pharmacy and Get Drugs for Less

Are you looking to get save on medications and get prescriptions cheaper? There are tons of ways to quickly and legally get discounts on your medication prescriptions.

Is the cost of prescription drugs making you choke?

According to the Center for Disease Control, 48% of American’s take at least one prescription drug and 21% take 3 or more prescription drugs. Legal, prescribed drug use in our country, and around the world is at all-time highs.

It’s true that properly used, prescription drugs can greatly improve the length and quality of our lives. It’s also true that the cost of prescription drugs can greatly reduce the size of our bank accounts.

Read More Here  

How to Do a DIY Property Tax Appeal
and Lower Your Taxes


Doing a DIY Property Tax Appeal is not something many homeowners think about. But, if you own a home or are getting ready to buy one, you should consider what you will pay in property taxes.

And you should probably look into what similarly sized homes are paying.

When you purchase a house, be aware that many counties base their revised valuations, in large part, on the sale price. The basis for the valuation may be correct, but the details of your property may be misrepresented, which can result in higher taxes.

No matter what the economy is doing, taxes don’t seem to be taking a hiatus. We don’t know about your area, but where we live, property values keep increasing, and as a result, so does our tax bill.

Read How We Won 


Easy Way to Inventory Your Food: Pantry & Freezer


If you inventory your food in your pantry, freezer, and refrigerator, you are sure to reduce what you spend on groceries. Inventorying your food will help you to save money, waste less food, and spend less time shopping. This is something you will definitely want to consider. Just know that to inventory your food will take a little time. But it also will produce huge savings in your grocery budget! Here's how we do it.


This is an excerpt from the planning chapter of our book, Cut Your Grocery Bill In Half with America’s Cheapest Family. It will help you manage your food inventory and tame your food budget. This way you’ll always have extra money for stocking up on killer deals!

Read More 


Check your Grocery Store Receipt
and Get the Real Deal!



Do you check your Grocery Store receipt before you leave the store? Once you read this article, we are convinced that you will never fail to do this again!

Shopping sales, using coupons, and stumbling across super-discounted bargains are all great ways to save loads of cash.  That is unless you don’t really get the savings you anticipated. How is that possible? Simple, at the checkout counter you are charged a retail price, or more, on your discounted items and never even know it.

Is this some sinister ploy? No, but we’ve seen a level of incompetence in many retail establishments despite constant scrutiny by state departments of weights and measures and numerous investigative reports about “scanner accuracy.” We are told that if there are errors, they usually favor the consumer. Unfortunately, that’s not been our experience.

Read More 



Around the Dinner Table: Making Eating Together Fun


If you want to make eating together as a family fun, you’ll love some of the things we do around the dinner table.

The family dinner hour is going the way of the dinosaur and black & white movies. But is the desire to eat meals together an old-fashioned, outdated notion? And with today’s faster-paced, non-relational lifestyle is it even possible?

Eating meals together is a mainstay of a cohesive family unit. Without this time of connection, you could end up with a group of disconnected people just living under the same roof.

Many families aren’t able to do a sit-down family dinner on a daily basis. But if you can pull this off several times each week, your family will be much richer relationally.

Eating together won’t just happen by itself. You may have to work hard, but once it’s established, you’ll never regret having meals together.

Read the 11 Things we Do to Have Fun at Dinner 



Retail Arbitrage: A Side Hustle That Could Earn Full-Time Income

If you are as frugal as we are, then you probably get a thrill from finding a deal. But did you know that you could turn the thrill of the hunt into a profitable retail arbitrage business?

Sometimes you’ll see a great bargain but have no use for the item. Ugh! That’s frustrating.

But there are some people who have turned their treasure hunting into a full-time income. They have honed their shopping and selling skills by buying low and selling high.

We’ll share four of their stories later in this article (and how much they earn each year).

In this article we’ll walk you through:

  • What Retail Arbitrage is

  • Some of the tools that make it easier to succeed

  • Meeting four super successful Retail Arbitrageurs

Learn More About Retail Arbitrage 


New Video - Easy Way to Freeze and Thaw Milk


There have been tons of people visiting our website to learn how to safely freeze and defrost milk. We just put this video together to make it easier to understand. Have you ever frozen milk?


Great Bread Recipes


This Easy Muffin & Bread Recipes Super Page contains many Easy and Delicious Bread and Muffin Recipes to Make!

Get the Recipes Here


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