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It’s February! Football season is over (some groan & others cheer).

The Big Game
We hosted our kids, grandkids and several friends on Super Bowl Sunday. It was controlled chaos. Some people watched the game, others played games, and some did a jigsaw puzzle.

We had simple finger foods and sub sandwiches, plus a veggie platter and some fruit (mostly oranges from our orchard). And of course lots of yummy homemade desserts.

Can Budgeting and Fun Recreation Go Hand-in-Hand?

In this newsletter edition, we’re focusing on money management, inexpensive recreation ideas, and some awesome family-friendly movies.

We’re Making Frugal Fun and Money Fantastic!


In This Issue:


Similarities between A Dam and a Budget 

We’ve heard people refer to budgets in many negative terms, that all imply pain or restriction or deprivation. We have a different view of budget restriction. We look at a household budget as a positive thing. It’s a tool that preserves our money and lets us enjoy life and the things we have.  We think a budget is very similar to a dam. Keep reading and find out why.

How is A BUDGET Like a Dam?

We’ve heard some people refer to trying a money management system as having used a “Dam Budget!”

Obviously, their experience was anything but positive. We don’t think of budgeting as a chore, a constraint or budget restriction. But we do think of our money management system as freedom.

Learn more about the similarities between a dam and a budget - you'll be amazed.


Valentine Movie Mania


Valentine Movie Mania is a page that has a ton of movie choices!

If you’re looking for a movie that will warm your heart, try these. We’ve picked movies with romance in them and romantic comedies from war flicks and heartwarming stories to total suspense!

We’ve combined some of our favorites with a huge list provided by our Facebook Fans!

You may want to preview some of the movies produced after 1970 before watching them with your children.

See the list here ... 


Recreation Ideas That Don’t Wreck the Budget


These days it’s easy to spend a significant amount of money on a recreational activity. Families often break their recreation budget, thinking they can’t cut these expenses and still have a good time. But we challenge that notion. There are hundreds of ways to enjoy family time or a date night without dropping $100 to do it.

Consider what you’d pay for the following: a professional sporting event, a concert, a museum visit, a trip to the zoo, a first-run movie or a Renaissance festival. The costs of admissions, gas, parking, meals, and souvenirs (that you must have!) quickly burn a hole in your wallet. Even simple activities like bowling, ice-skating, roller-skating or miniature golf can deplete your recreation budget if you’re not careful.

Get the list of Fun and Inexpensive Recreation Ideas here


Best Non-Animated Family Movies on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu & DVD


Non-Animated Family Movies to match everyone’s tastes is not always an easy thing. Our kids all had different favorites and interests. Spending family time together was important to us.

So we would have one of our kids (they would take turns) select a variety of movies. They would lay 5 or 6 of them on the coffee table and we would all vote for our top three.

We’d total up the votes and the one with the highest score would be that evening’s movie. This is a growing list of our family-friendly movies.

We really like the films produced by the Kendrick Brothers  (Alex, Stephen & Shannon) from Albany, GA. They have hearts of gold. They tell great stories and have produced some very powerful family films.

Their films include:

  • Flywheel
  • Facing the Giants
  • Fireproof
  • Courageous
  • The War Room
 See our list and synopsis of each movie here


Favorite Books for Improving Personal Finances


Learning how to improve how you manage your household finances is a great goal for anyone. We’ve been budgeting our money since day one of our marriage and have accomplished some pretty amazing financial feats on a below average income. This is a list of many of our favorite and most informative household finance books. We hope they enrich your life and your bank account.

See our favorite finance books and reviews here 


Simple & Delicious Raspberry Meringues


You’ll want to visit our favorite desserts page. Not only for these melt-in-your-mouth meringues but OMG all the rest of the recipes are awesome too.


These are family-favorite dessert recipes that Annette has gathered from family and friends. All have been taste-tested and pass with flying colors. We think you will enjoy them too.

Get this recipe and tons of other delicious dessert treats here 


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