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Hi Friends,


We hope & pray you’re staying healthy during this time of social distancing and home seclusion.

We’ve talked to many people who are really wrestling with boredom, cabin fever and struggling with having their kids around all of the time.

In this newsletter, we’ll give you plenty of ideas for things to do.


One of the best things is to spend some time decluttering and organizing.

It may not sound like fun, but it can be incredibly profitable. If you look at the resource below and you can get your kids involved, you can turn this side-hustle into a significant source of income for your home.


Check out our friends Rob & Melissa Stevenson's FleaMarketFlipper free webinar. They’ll show you the ins and outs of flipping your stuff and things you buy to make money. 


They’re hosting a free 30-day challenge to help people get started with flipping and make an extra $250 while sitting at home.

We’ve been evaluating many of the books we own and are preparing a pile of them to be listed to sell on eBay or Amazon. We were pleasantly surprised by the value of many of them. And we just sold a Macintosh Laptop box for $30. A friend was throwing it away and with his permission we took it and sold it.

Please stay safe and make some extra money during this crazy time.

We’re making frugal fun!

PS: There are some links for affiliate relationships where we may receive a small commission if you make a purchase. No purchase is required to get some of this great information.


How to Beat Sickness in One or Two Days




Staying healthy is on all of our minds today. This article outlines how we’ve stayed healthier than most families with kids (and without kids). Hoping it will help you avoid Coronavirus and other illnesses.

Do you want to prevent or cure a cold faster? Finding the cure for a common cold has been mankind’s’ pursuit for hundreds of years.

While we haven’t found THE cure, we have found many ways to prevent illness or regain your health quicker.

With today’s Coronavirus concerns this Cold & Flu season is horrible and tricky. Catching a cold or the flu is almost inevitable.

How to cure a cold and beat sickness is a game everyone wants to win.

Read More Here 


Cash Balance Plan Pros & Cons for Early Retirement




Even though the economy is hurting right now, it will recover. And when it does, this money-saving tool could be very beneficial for some of you, or friends you know.

If you haven’t heard about how a cash balance plan can help you sock away 10x more pre-tax dollars than a 401(k) or IRA – get ready to be empowered and informed.

A secret tax-saving strategy for high-income earners

Saving money on taxes is a game we all should be playing. One of the strategies of the millionaires among us is to pay their fair share of taxes but to leverage every possible legal loophole to pay less.

Get the Details Here




Do Warehouse Clubs Really Save You Money?



The concept of shopping in a warehouse and buying directly from a distributor is an appealing idea for money-saving minded people. 

But do today’s warehouse clubs really save you money or are they merely a carefully marketed retail store that has lots of stuff in it, designed to separate you from your money?

We’ll discuss the pros and cons of shopping at the warehouse clubs AND we’ll tell you how you can do it without buying a pricey membership.

Find Out More here


Use a Crockpot for a Year and Save $3400!


Using a crockpot for a year could save you a ton of money. But even if you used it just a few days each week, it could still save you more money than you ever imagined.  We'll show you how this works and give you some other tips too. 

You probably own one of these, but perhaps you haven’t ever calculated how much time and money a slow cooker could really save you. So in this article, we'll walk you through some simple calculations and total up the savings.

Now, we aren't crazy enough to think that anyone should cook every meal for the next year with a crockpot. That's ridiculous.

Find out how you could save



Which Grocery Store Has The Cheapest Prices? 


We are often asked which grocery store has the best prices? Or which grocery store is cheapest. Or which is the best grocery store to shop at?

It seems that many people are looking for a “silver bullet,” or a magic formula to saving money at the grocery store.

In this Q&A we address the issue of where to shop and how to save the most money at the grocery store.


Read More


How to Deal with a Payroll Underpayment from an Employer


It’s tax time and if you’re reviewing the amount you had withheld in taxes and you owe money – keep reading.

Question about IRS Paycheck Withholding Shortfall

My former employers did not take enough taxes out of my paycheck each time I was paid. Now, I owe the IRS money. Do I have any recourse with my employer?

Read the Answer Here 




Grocery Stores with Senior Discounts


We profiled this new article a couple of weeks ago. But because several of you shared new information about stores in your area, we are sharing it again. Our list has grown from 14 to 18 stores.

We’re hoping to add more - so if you could check it and share what you know that would be great. 

ALERT: If you know of grocers in your area who offer a senior discount AND they aren’t on our list, could you shoot us an email? 

Let us know the Store Name, The City and State, Minimum Age, Days of the Discount and the Percentage Off.

See the Updated List Here 


Beef Stew Recipe & Video


This is a perfect recipe to make in the crockpot. Start it cooking in the morning and 6 hours later you’ll have a delicious, savory hot meal. Perfect for a fall or winter’s night. This meal costs about $7 to make and will feed 8 to 10 people.

Prices are based on shopping in January in Phoenix, AZ

Get this and other Chunk Beef Recipes here


This video has been watched more than 60,000 times with overwhelmingly positive comments. 


Family Comedy Movies – not animated


Laughter is great medicine – we love watching comedies – they can lighten the load of a heavy day and brighten our disposition. Many of these movies have an underlying message of hope of overcoming adversity. 


See our list here 

Help us add to our list. If your favorite family comedy isn’t listed please email us to let us know what it is.

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