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Hope you're doing well. We missed you earlier in the month - it was totally our fault. We've been so busy preparing for our bathroom remodel that we didn't send out a newsletter.

For the last two weekends, we've been de-constructing the bathroom and dressing room areas. And yesterday the demolition crew came and started tearing out our shower. We've been shooting videos of the process and will be posting them soon.

Here are a few Before and After Demolition pictures.

Our 1978 Sunken Roman Tub - Before Demolition

The sunken tub after demolition started.

Our Master Bathroom Sink Area before demolition

Master Bathroom Sink Area after demolition.


Mama's Talk Money Summit

Register Now For the Conference Register here

The Mamas Talk Money Summit is a 5-day virtual event (October 21 - 25, 2019) with more than 40 speakers to bring you content specifically designed to help moms feel more confident with money and reach their goals. 

It’s Free: You can pop in as often as you have time to watch the sessions live.

There is only a fee if you want to want to watch some of the sessions after the conference is over.

Register here: Once you register, you’ll be given more information about the conference schedule. As of October 11, there were more than 5000 people registered! This is going to be big.

Later in this newsletter, you can meet Chelsea Brennan (through a video) who is the founder of this conference.


  • Recipe, Games and Costumes for Halloween
  • Grocery Savings
… and there’s more - keep reading.

Everything we write is focused on helping you live a great life and save a ton of money

We’re making frugal fun!

PS: These are affiliate relationships where we may receive a small commission if you make a purchase. No purchase is required to get some of this great information.


22 Best Trusted Survey Apps: Earn Some Cash From Your Phone


Would you love to find the best mobile survey apps that could earn you money? We’ve done all the work for you by researching and testing them.

Do you enjoy sharing your opinion about things? Most of us do.

We’ve researched the 22 of the most popular survey apps that pay you for sharing your views.
You won't get rich, but you can turn idle time into earning time if you want.

Read More



Tips to Freeze Milk and How to Thaw it Safely


How can you save money on milk purchases? For years we’ve frozen milk that we bought on sale in our deep freezer, and then defrosted it when we were ready to use it. Freezing milk is not that hard to do if you follow our tips. 

Learn how we freeze and thaw milk safely and quickly.




10 DIY Non-Scary Halloween Costumes that are Easy, Cheap & Fast

We’ve got tons of ideas for non-scary Halloween costumes that are easy and cheap to make.

Have you thought about Halloween costumes for you or your kids yet? Does the cost of costumes scare the fun out of Halloween for your family?

Planning for Halloween Takes the Cost out of Costumes

Halloween will be here before you know it. And costume-loving families know that putting together a unique and inexpensive costume takes some planning and some time.

Get the Costume Ideas Here 


Grocery Store Sales Cycles for Holidays

Knowing the Grocery Store Sales Cycles by month and for each holiday is a great way to save tons of money on food and to fill your pantry and freezer bargain-priced groceries.

One of our best money-saving grocery strategies is to stock up on loss-leaders around the holidays. Grocery stores drop the price on various food items each month and on each holiday to entice shoppers to come to their store. That’s the time we swoop in and pick up deals to last several months.

Every holiday brings an opportunity to find great bargains because most grocers put traditional foods on sale. That means that you’ll usually find super-low prices. If you have space, this is the time to buy storable foods to last you several months or the rest of the year.

If the discount sale is for fruits or veggies you can major on them in your meal planning or decide to freeze or can them.

Learn More about Grocery Store Sales Cycles 


New Video: She Left Her $400K Job - Why?

Meet a courageous and smart mom - Chelsea Brennan. A former Hedge Fund manager who decided to leave Wall Street behind to be with her husband and kids. 

Learn the steps she took to leave behind a $400,000 a year job. 

You can meet Chelsea at the upcoming Momas Talk Money Summit.

Learn how she started her blog AND about the free MamasTalkMoney Summit held in October every year.


- Family Emergency Binder

- MamasTalkMoney Summit

- Smart Money Mamas Website



How Budget Girl Paid off Debt with Grocery Savings: Plus: Meal Prep & Shopping Sales


Learn How Budget Girl Slashed her Grocery Bill by 60%. She used the money that she saved to pay off her student loan debt of $33,000.

Learn how she:

1. Reduced her restaurant eating out expenses.

2. Meal Planned

3. Found Sale Items to Plan Her Menu Around

4. found a Favorite Grocery Store to Save Money



- Website:

- Budget Girl's YouTube Channe

- Watch her Aldi Grocery Haul



Homemade Halloween Party Games, Crafts and Food for a Harvest Festival Party

Are you looking for some Fun Homemade Halloween party games? We’ve assembled a great list to make your party a frugal and fun success. We started with 13 games, but the list keeps growing. We’ve also added some crafts and fun food ideas.

Halloween and the Fall can make for some really fun homemade Halloween party games. We know some people are squeamish about taking their kids out “Trick-or-Treating” so why not borrow some of these ideas. We’ve used variations of some of these for our kids' birthday parties.

They work great as carnival-type booths or as party games for a small group of kids. Have fun and be creative – using pumpkins, scarecrows fall leaves and other symbols of the season can make for a festive and memorable party for young kids and adults too.

Read More


Simple Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

This is a simple snack recipe for roasting, delicious, salty, pumpkin seeds after Halloween / Fall festivals.

If you’re watchful enough for a couple of days after Halloween you should be able to find churches and pumpkin patches that have excess pumpkins they will either: sell them very inexpensively or will ask you to take them for free. You can also use this recipe for roasting squash seeds as well. 

This recipe is on our Popular Snack Recipes Page.

Get the Recipe Here



Easy Pumpkin Cooking!

This is one of our easy veggie recipes, and cooking a pumpkin has never been easier. It’s great for cooking your fall/autumn / Jack-o-lanterns / Halloween pumpkins.

After Halloween, you should be able to find pumpkins for FREE or steeply discounted. There is nothing more American than Pumpkin Pie, especially for Thanksgiving. This cooked pumpkin can be used for any recipe that uses canned pumpkin.

Look for churches with harvest festivals, street-side pumpkin stands, grocers with an overabundance of pumpkins. Don’t let them go to waste, use the following recipe.

Get The Directions Here

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