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Hi <<First Name>>  

Hope you're staying healthy and cool this summer.

We've had a really hot time in Phoenix - more than 30 days of 110 degrees or hotter. Our water bill is really high as we try to keep our tress from going into shock.

We have a small grove of banana trees and the tallest ones are wilting, no matter how much we water them. They look tattered and tired. There are plenty of "pups" growing, so once the heat is done, we'll thin the bunch and let the young ones grow tall.

NEW VIDEO: Steve just shot a video about how he saves hundreds of dollars on teeth grinding night-time mouth guards. Be sure to scroll to the bottom to see it.

There are always ways to save money without sacrificing quality. Keep your eyes peeled ... and read more below.
Hope you save a boodle!

We’re making frugal fun!

PS: There are some links for affiliate relationships where we may receive a small commission if you make a purchase. No purchase is required to get some of this great information.


Buy Meat in Bulk Online & Easy Way to Save Money

We have always thought about buying meat in bulk online, but have never jumped in until now. We were recently introduced to The Savory Butcher and their local fresh meat deliveries.

You know that we are bargain shoppers. However, the quality and the pricing that The Savory Butcher offers really piqued our interest. This is a really great way to lock in a good price on a large quantity of quality meat. If you don’t have time to hunt for meat bargains in the traditional way, this could save you a lot of time and money.

The prices are good, the quality is excellent and several of our friends and one of our daughters buy meat from Savory Butcher. Check and see if it’s in your area.

Read more about what they provide and what it costs.


Kids are too Expensive – We’re gonna Wait!

Are you debating if it is too expensive to have kids these days? Have you heard the government statistics about the cost of raising a child?

We raised 5 kids and spent less than 60% of what the government experts estimated. And that included College! 

Learn how we did it here 


Cheap Vacation Ideas:

How to Travel on a Shoestring Budget


Are you looking for some inexpensive vacation ideas? Have you heard of bloggers who travel on a shoestring budget and have lots of fun?

Have you ever thought about great vacations with limited funds?

And what about this summer with Covid issues all around, could you still getaway?

If you’re thinking you can’t take a vacation, think again. We’ve got lots of frugal and cheap tips to make your vacation memorable on a shoestring budget.

If your only option is to travel on a shoestring budget, you still create a fun and enjoyable memory!

Here’s how we and several other frugal friends have enjoyed great vacations on the cheap.

Get some Great Vacation Ideas here 


Couponing for Beginners:

How to Find & Start Using Coupons


Are you looking for couponing for beginners with tips and tricks? Have you ever wondered how to start couponing so you can start saving some money?

Or are you just a beginner in couponing and want to up your coupon game to save even more money?

Learning how to maximize the use of coupons is a great skill. Because the retail landscape is always changing – learning about coupons will be an unending journey.

Get Annette’s Coupon Tips here 


Amazing! 10 Stores That Will
Price Match Amazon Today!


Do you know which stores will price match Amazon near you?

What better way is there to save money than to find retailers who will match or even beat one of the low price leaders? If you want your order TODAY or want it cheaper keep this list handy.

We’ve researched 14 of the largest retailers who advertise price matching policies and have found those who will match Amazon’s prices and a few that won’t.

See which Stores will PriceMatch Amazon and Save Some Money


112 Successful Dropouts from
High School and College


You won’t believe some of the people on this list of successful high school and college dropouts.

Can dropouts from high school and college become successful contributors to society?

People like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, and MGM co-founder Marcus Lowe are prime examples of successful people. These are people who didn’t go to college or didn’t finish college.

Is education important? Yes of course.

But is a formal education; public, private or parochial school and college—are they critical to success. Yes ... and no.

While researching the education chapter for our book “The MoneySmart Family System,” we came across some very interesting information. We found a list of very successful people who didn’t “succeed” in traditional educational environments.

See the list here 


New Video: Save $200 or More on a Night Guard  

Be sure to check out the show notes for the details and instructions.

If you wear a nightguard - leave a comment and let us know if you'd be cheap enough to try this.


Buying Used Stuff:

7 Reasons We Love Buying To Save & Make Money  

If you buy used stuff, it’s a great way to keep money in your pocket. It also increases your buying power further than you imagined. And it can also be a great way to make money.

Buying used things is a great benefit to you, your budget and the environment.

We’ll share why we love buying used things, and where we find the best deals.

We’ll also share how we sell used things we no longer need … and the sites we use to do that.

You’re going to save a ton of money reading this article.

Start Saving Money Now

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