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We’ve had huge amounts of rain in our area this year - very unusual for Arizona. This past weekend we did lots of spring cleaning yard work - trimming back frost-damaged plants and overgrown bushes.

Our front yard after a recent rain - fog burning off in the morning.

It’s great to spend time outside working in the yard. It always looks so good when we're finished with a project.

We also hit a few garage sales this weekend. We found a great deal that would be great for reselling! We'll tell you more about it in a future issue.

In This Issue: New Way to Make Some Extra Money

We just posted a new article that includes interviews with 4 people who are making full-time income buying and selling deals that they find at garage sales, thrift stores, flea markets, and other places. It’s called retail arbitrage … it’s legal and a great way to earn money!

We’ve also included an updated list of our
- favorite game night games
- how to save on eggs,
- some great recreation tips
- and an all-time favorite salad recipe that Annette just made this weekend!

Hope you have a great March!

We’re Making Frugal Fun and Money Fantastic!


In This Issue:

Retail Arbitrage: A Side Hustle That Could Earn Full-Time Income

If you are as frugal as we are, then you probably get a thrill from finding a deal. But did you know that you could turn the thrill of the hunt into a profitable retail arbitrage business?

Sometimes you’ll see a great bargain but have no use for the item. Ugh! That’s frustrating.

But there are some people who have turned their treasure hunting into a full-time income. They have honed their shopping and selling skills by buying low and selling high.

We’ll share four of their stories later in this article (and how much they earn each year).

In this article we’ll walk you through:

  • What Retail Arbitrage is

  • Some of the tools that make it easier to succeed

  • Meeting four super successful Retail Arbitrageurs


Get all the details here



Awesome Spring Activities


Spring Activities – if you’re looking for fun, it’s a time full of awesome and affordable recreational events. Spring is the time for plants and trees to come back to life. And in many parts of the country families can be outside to enjoy the more temperate weather and outdoor activities.

If we just look ahead at the upcoming calendar & holidays there are plenty of opportunities for fun on the affordable side.

See a list of fun spring activities that we’ve enjoyed 


Grade B Eggs – How to Save on Buying Eggs at the Grocery Store

Do you know what Grade B Eggs are? And do you know how Grade B Eggs can save you money?

Eggs are a regular breakfast food in our house and millions of other homes across the country. But Egg prices go up and down on a regular basis and can sometimes rise as high as $3.00 a dozen. This can put a strain on the family food budget, especially if you like eggs.

How can a family enjoy a breakfast favorite without breaking their budget?

We’ve discovered a few ways to save on eggs that you may not have considered.


Read How to Save with Grade B Eggs 


Family Game Night Games: 35 Awesome Games for Your Family

Have you ever thought of hosting a family game night? Do you wonder which are the best Family Game Night Games?  We’ve got answers and videos.

Nothing brings families together like some friendly competition. And it’s even more fun when you pick some fun games to play together as on a family game night.

And the games we recommend don’t cost a lot of money. As a matter of fact, some are completely free.

There are hundreds of games suitable for family game nights. After polling every family we know, we compiled a list of 35 of the most popular games. These are great options for your next family game night.

We’ve organized the games into several categories. Each category includes games for families with younger kids and teenagers.

We tried to include games you can buy (new or used). And some games that cost almost nothing and require little or no equipment.

We’ve put suggested ages next to each game. But don’t let that stop you from trying some of these games. We’ve altered rules to allow for younger participants. You know your family best,  give the ones you like a try. 

See the list of our favorite games (and a video) 


22 Free Printable Coloring Pages for Adults

Are you looking for free coloring pages for adults that you can work on at home? If so we, we’ll help you find these pages from 22 companies listed below!

From mandalas to zentangles to intricate designs and animals we’ve found them all for you.

We can all agree that even the most productive adults need some time to recharge and refresh. One way to do this quickly is with adult coloring pages. And one way to do it inexpensively is to find free sources.

There are many resources that have free printable coloring pages for the kid inside of you. So take a look at the list below and start coloring!

Get the Free Downloadable Pages here



10 Ways to Save on Family Recreation

This Family Recreation Savings Ideas Page contains a growing number of money-saving ideas for cutting costs when you look for local fun in your area, go to garage sales or host a party!

Get the 10 ideas here 




Great Spring Recipe: Asian Cabbage Salad

This is one of our all-time favorite salads to eat any time of year!  As a matter of fact, Annette just whipped this up for a birthday party potluck this past weekend (March 2019).

Easy to make and great for taking to potlucks, big events, entertaining or as a veggies recipes side dish for dinner. If you don’t finish it all at one meal, just be aware that the ramen noodles will get soggy and the nuts will get soft. You may want to toss those on individual servings instead of mixing them in.

If you add diced cooked chicken you can have a one-dish dinner! This is also a great side dish for summer BBQs like Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day. It works great because the cabbage is much slower to wilt than a green lettuce salad.

Get the Recipe Here


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