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The Latest News and Updates on Servo Motion Control From ORMEC Systems ---  May 2015
ORMEC Systems - Providing a Turnkey Solution
Recent news headlines depict the greatest challenge facing companies today is finding qualified personnel in the STEM, (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields.  Companies wishing to increase productivity through adding or upgrading their automation equipment are lacking the internal resources for a successful implementation.  Even as Engineering schools are seeing increased enrollment, 6% increase for Bachelor's degree from 2012 to 20131, those new students won't be available for another 3-4 years, and even then there could be another 1-2 years before they may be capable of managing an automation project of any magnitude.
Many companies look for outside help to implement their automation program relying on integrators to complete the project.  However, even integrators are experiencing the same shortage of qualified personnel resulting in long lead time to implementation.

At ORMEC we have recognized this and for the last 30+years, not only have we been providing the high-quality Motion Control products found in diverse applications such as thermo-forming, web-converting, winding and pick and place, we have also been there for our customers providing complete turn-key solutions.

Who better to develop complex motion programs than the company that designed and built the Motion Control System used in the application.  And when standard products won't work, our team of Research and Development Engineers may be able to develop the functionality you need, quickly and efficiently.

Add to that a UL Certified Panel Shop, ORMEC can easily provide a complete Turn-Key Solution, helping our customers from design to production.  read more....
1American Society For Engineering Education:

Getting Torqued Over Servo Sizing
One of the biggest stumbling blocks in starting an automation project that requires Servo Motors seems to be getting the right sized servo.

When it is an upgrade to an existing system, the existing motor information, generally found on the motor nameplate, can always be used, simplifying the process.  That is provided, of course, you don’t want to; change the mechanics, go faster and/or move more mass.

If you have committed to use your existing motor information, make sure that they were properly sized the first time.  Existing problems or new ones can continue if your system wasn't initially properly sized.  An undersized motor will leave you with performance issues and may not be able to achieve the speeds or load limits that you require.  Over sized systems will have you paying for a capacity that you may never use or even need.

New systems have their own set of challenges, especially in identifying the required mechanical characteristics to properly establish the right Servo Motor for the application.   When designing a new system or upgrading an older system, some of the key pieces of information to look for are as follows:
•    Mass of Moving Object
•    Traveling Distance per Revolution of the Motor
•    Moment of Inertia of the Load
•    Maximum Speed
•    Acceleration Rate
•    Efficiency of the Driving System
•    Duty Cycle
•    Regenerative Discharge Power Requirements
•    And more…

Luckily, the physics for determining a Servo Motor's Torque and Speed requirements have not changed since Isaac Newton.  Let ORMEC help you determine your application's Servo Motor requirements.  Working with ORMEC, our System/Application Engineers can help establish the applications Servo Motor performance specifications as well as make other recommendations such as using a gear box.  
Jesse Barr, ORMEC Systems Engineer, is a graduate from RPI with a BS in Mechanical Engineering

Recent Hardware and Software Releases

Since our last eNews, the following new releases and  updates to ORMEC Hardware and Software products are now available:

N-Series Motors Released for XD-Series Indexer Drive – An update to the XD-Series Indexer, New Part Number Designation: SAC-XDxxx-Nxxxx released, providing interface to ORMEC's N-Series Servo Motors with optional Absolute Encoder Feedback. 

To upgrade, contact ORMEC technical support at:
In U.S.: (585) 385-3520
From Europe:  +1 (585) 385-3520

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