Live Action video shows abortion workers abetting sex-selective abortion on the eve of a U.S. House vote on PRENDA, which would ban sex-selective abortion in the U.S. A project of

Dear Friend of Life:

Today, the U.S. House of Representatives debates the Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act ("PRENDA"), which would ban sex-selective abortion in the United States.

Live Action's undercover video footage at a Planned Parenthood has already shown that abortion workers are more than willing to facilitate sex-selection abortions right here in our country. 

Tomorrow, the day of the House vote on PRENDA, we will release a brand new video exposing even more footage from a major Planned Parenthood location. Be sure to check back to early tomorrow and view the new release, which further implicates the abortion giant in abetting sex-selective abortion.

I will also join PRENDA's lead sponsor Rep. Trent Franks and members of the Protect Our Girls Coalition at a Washington, DC press conference tomorrow. That important press conference will draw attention to the tragedy of sex-selection abortion in the United States. (See studies documenting gendercide in the U.S.)

At this critical time, join with me and a growing national coalition in calling for the protection of our precious girls

In the space of just a few minutes you can help build huge public momentum behind the Protect Our Girls Campaign:

-- Watch the latest video release and sign the petition.
-- Forward this email to 5 of your friends and be sure to share the petition on your social media!

Be sure to check back to tomorrow for the brand new video release in the Protect Our Girls series.

Thank you so much for all that you do to defend every baby - regardless of gender - from the injustice of abortion.

For Life,

Lila Rose
President, Live Action

P.S. Be sure to watch my appearance on the O'Reilly Factor last night if you have not had the chance! 

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