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We got some powerful proof this month that the pro-life position is picking up massive momentum.
In Texas, the duly elected state legislature passed a 20-week abortion ban, over NARAL's and Planned Parenthood's caterwauling.  Abortion centers will be held to the same standards as other ambulatory surgical centers, and abortionists will need admitting privileges at a hospital no more than thirty miles away.

Live Action's Ruben Verastigui  (right) joins pro-life supporters of Texas's HB2 in Austin.

Abortion advocates did everything they could to thwart the vote, including trying to smuggle jars of human waste into the Texas Capitol to throw at legislators.  But the Lone Star State prevailed, and we're another step closer to protecting the inherent dignity of every human being.
In Texas and elsewhere - Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia, and even Washington, D.C. - we're seeing our country move in the right direction on abortion.
But there's still plenty of evil to fight.  Maryland allows abortion businesses to "self-regulate," and notorious abortionist LeRoy Carhart just sent another woman to the hospital.

Carhart's not the only one endangering women and children every day.  Our Inhuman investigation has uncovered horrors across the country.

Yes, pro-lifers still have their work cut out for them – even in the states where we're making progress.  After all, pain-capability is not what determines humanity.  Only the babies lucky enough to be twenty weeks old will be safe in Texas...and that's only if an unelected judge doesn't strike down the law (as they're fond of doing).  Even if everything works out perfectly, the law doesn't go into effect until next September.
So what do we do in the meantime?  Educate our country on the reality, the gruesomeness, and the utter cruelty of abortion.  Share facts like these with your friends and family:
  1. By 4 weeks' gestation, a baby in the womb has already formed nearly all of his major organs and body systems.  This includes his heart, which is beating.
  2. The baby's vocal chords start forming around 10 weeks' gestation.  He'll be sucking his thumb - which has a unique fingerprint - at this time, too.
  3. Every child in the womb is both human and alive from the moment he is conceived.  At no point does he stop being either of those things, only to somehow "regain" his humanity or vitality at an arbitrary gestation point (such as at birth, or even at when he can feel pain).
A little truth goes a long way!  It's only a matter of time before we make abortion a bad memory – and if you help us, we'll get it done sooner.
Recently, the National Journal named Lila Rose, our president, one of the 25 Most Influential Washington Women under 35.  When former head of NARAL Nancy Keenan lamented in 2010 the huge lack of young people in the pro-abortion movement, she didn't know the half of it.

Our message is sticking. And as the National Journal noticed, our influence is only going to grow – especially among the youth.

We recognize how lucky we are to be alive.  And we're going to make sure the next generation gets the same chance we got.
This is the most important human rights fight of our time.  We're not quitting, and you shouldn't, either.  Keep us in your prayers.
Yours in the fight for life,
The Live Action Team

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