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Dear Friend,

For too long, the Girl Scouts of America (GSA) has had disquieting ties with some very pro-abortion political figures – not to mention abortion giant Planned Parenthood.  The GSA should be a light to our nation's girls, and it is a tragedy to see it gone so far afield.

In 2011, I interviewed ex-Girl Scouts Sydney and Tess Volanski about the GSA's not-so-secret links to the abortion mentality.  Click the image below to check out the video:

The problem is only getting worse.  The GSA's adherence to the Big Abortion mentality, from subjecting young girls to Planned Parenthood "Healthy, Happy and Hot" flyers to promoting extremist abortion-activist politicians like Kathleen Sebelius and Wendy Davis, is unfortunate and disturbing.

This is why I've decided to join the pro-life Girl Scout cookie boycott, and why I'm asking you to participate.

Pro-Life Waco has spearheaded this effort with a powerful, concise flyer on why we all need to take a second look at the GSA.  Visit their website to get all the information on the GSA's relationship with Big Abortion.

Remember: Planned Parenthood is a billion-dollar enterprise lobbying for physically and psychologically destructive abortion through all nine months of pregnancy.

Live Action recorded Planned Parenthood staff facilitating the destruction of baby girls in the womb, just for being girls.  Planned Parenthood regularly fights against laws forbidding sex-selection abortion.  The Sebeliuses and the Davises of the world won't speak out against this injustice.

As sad as it is to give up the Thin Mints and Tagalongs, our girls deserve better than this.

So many parents want the GSA to be a place of safety and enlightenment for their daughters, teaching sound ethics and good citizenship.  The GSA can do so much good...but they need to stay away from pro-abortion activists and organizations.

Please join me in sending the GSA a message they very much need to hear.

Yours in the fight for life,

Lila Rose
Live Action
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