A Year of Transformation

Yeowza..2013 already, can you believe it? It seems like just yesterday we were all cheering in the year 2000. What will the future look like in our technology focused world? Cell phones, gadgets and the internet seem to be dominating more and more of our lives. At Tyze we firmly believe in the power of technology, but what we're really passionate about is the power of the people who use it. We still think that the very best use of technology is as a lever for our humanity - to make communicating simpler and to bring people together.

Our New Year's Resolution to You
Behind every Facebook post, cell phone text, instant message, email or Skype call is a real, living, breathing person with a desire to connect and belong. This year, we resolve to pay even more attention to you (the living breathing people!) who use our lovingly crafted technology. We resolve to keep working our tails off to bring you a tool that makes it easy to connect, love and share with the most important people in your life. We promise to listen and respond to your ideas and requests. We're tremendously excited about where we're going. This will be a year like no other for Tyze and we have some surprises up our sleeve for you. We've recently brought on some talented new team members and we've been listening to your feedback. We think that the product improvements we're cooking up will knock your socks off.

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Why My Gran Needed A Network

My grandmother is a fit, active, healthy, vibrant and charismatic 86 year old.  She has great taste in clothing, loves good food, is an avid walker and has short term memory like a sieve. There was a window of opportunity this year that was closing…for her and my grandfather to move from their rural home of 56 years to Assisted Living.  Go now and she might remember why and where she going or wait and have her forever confused.

You're Invited

Tyze is proud to co-sponsor a Sauder School of Business Ideas for Impact Speaker Series event: a discussion with Jason Hwang, co-author of the Innovator's Prescription: A Disruptive Solution for Health Care. 

83% Said...

83% of our latest survey respondents said that Tyze has made it easier for them to update the important people in their lives. Do you have feedback or a story of your own to share? Contact

You're Saying

"I like it because on the Tyze network it's easy to say the things that might be hard to say in person. I just send one message and everyone close to me gets the news."  
-Tyze network member

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