Male Caregivers

It is wonderful to see an increasing number of online communities and conversations about male caregivers. 

According to a 2013 survey of male caregivers, shopping for food and personal care items, attending medical appointments, managing finances or paying bills, communicating with friends and family about a loved one’s condition, providing transportation, and administering and/or tracking medications top the list of most common duties.  

Tyze makes it easier to give and receive help with caregiving. Tyze has been specifically designed to improve communication while helping to manage all of the tasks listed above. Research has proven that help with caregiving increases when you are plugged into a personal Tyze network.

It is valuable for there to be a more diverse and realistic representation of caregivers in the media and online. There are billions of us all over the world. We are extremely diverse and yet, we have so much in common. Are you interested in starting a Tyze network, or do you know someone would would benefit from one? Click here to begin. 

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Heartbleed Bug? Not Here

There's been lots of serious talk recently about the Heartbleed bug, which could potentially expose your private data when you use secure internet services. Tyze online networks does not use the software that is vulnerable to the bug, so your Tyze network and the personal information associated with it are safe and secure.


The Language of Caring

Caregiver Donna Thomson, who uses a Tyze network to manage her son Nicholas' care wrote a thought provoking piece on what it means to be a caregiver and what she's learned over the years from her role. Read the full article here. 


You're Saying

"I like it because on the Tyze network it's easy to say the things that might be hard to say in person. I just send one message and everyone close to me gets the news. I don't have to make so many phone calls and requests."  
-Tyze network member

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