Do People Have Time To Care? Results are In.

We wanted to find out how much time people have to help out and pitch in with care, so we partnered up with Vision Critical (specialists in research and polling) to find out.

Tyze was created based on the belief that our relationships with other people are vital to a good life. Family and friends are the heartbeat of most care situations. 

The purpose of our study with was to examine how much time people spend doing care tasks, what kinds of care tasks they would be willing to help out with and how much time they have available to help out. A survey was sent out to participants in Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States.

What did we find?
People are available to help out, for longer than we thought.
Overall, most survey participants reported having time to help out, with the majority of respondents in each country indicating that they have between 1 to 4 hours a week available to help out a family member or friend who was facing a care or health challenge. Only twelve percent or less of participants in each country indicated that they did not have any time to help out. 

  • 89% reported that Tyze made it easier to share updates
  • 75% reported that Tyze helps them be more aware of how they can provide support
  • 80% of family and friends reported that quality of life has been improved for a network member since using Tyze

 See the data here. 

Tyze helps people work better as a group and do what they want to do, which is love and care for one another. 

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The Health Service Journal in the UK recently ran an article called “Tapping into the Original Social Network.” This piece addresses how friends and family are using technology to make caring easier. Click here to read the article.


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"Before Tyze I never knew what she needed or how to help out without being intrusive. This has just given us such organization and piece of mind. I feel useful now."  
-Tyze user supporting a friend with dementia

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