Makeover Edition

Notice anything different about (Hint: We've just released a shiny new website into the wild.) 
Over the last few months we've been baking up a new website for you and it’s fresh out of the oven—check it out here. We put our heads together to come up with ways to present Tyze in an inspiring, fresh and simplified way (we also drank far too much coffee and used too many post-it notes in our brainstorming sessions, but that’s another story). We’re still ironing out the creases and we’d love to hear your feedback.

The new website features:
  • Interactive graphics
  • Brand new photos of Tyze users 
  • A fresh, modern colour pallet
  • Simplified navigation
  • New language and ways of talking about Tyze
  • Responsive design (try it big!)
You told us about changes you wanted made to the website and we listened. We hope you find the new useful and inspiring. We'd love to hear what you think, answer a quick website survey here. 

'Like' Us?

Our Facebook Page is bursting with juicy ideas about innovation, collaboration and building your own personal network. Swing by and get inspired. (Oh, and like us. 'Cause we sure like you.)
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Helping Someone?

If you know someone facing a challenge, why not let them know about Tyze or set them up a network yourself? A Tyze network can make a huge impact in the life of a caregiver, new mom, or anyone on a health journey. For more info on how to set up a network, contact

Beam Us Up

Rocket Builders recently released its 11th annual “Ready to Rocket” list. The list names Tyze as one of ten tech startups ready to rocket—poised to experience significant growth, venture capital investment or acquisition by a major player in the coming year. Read more.


Tyze and Alzheimers Society of BC

Tyze and one of our partners, the Alzheimers Society of BC, recently hosted a spirited evening to explore how online personal networks can make a difference in caregiving for someone with Dementia. We heard about one BC family that's successfully using Tyze to stay connected and feel more supported.   

You're Saying

"These days using Tyze I feel like there's so much support around me. Even if I don't need anything, just knowing everyone is there and willing to help makes such a difference."  
-Tyze user managing a chronic condition

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