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Quimby's Bookstore
November News

The new stuff has really been rolling in. New books from Chris Ware, Charles Burns and Lilli Carré, new issues of FOUND and Mash Tun, and drum roll please...2013 Slingshot Organizers! Of course there's much more, which you can look at immediately and bypass all the store news and events, just by scrolling down to where it says New Stuff below.

Holiday Hours
Holiday hours start this month! So Wed the 21st we'll be open noon to 5pm, closed on Thurs, Nov 22nd, and then starting Nov 23rd lasting until Christmas, Quimby's will open every day at 11am! That's an extra hour for your shopping pleasure. Phew!

Free November Events at Quimby's
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Sat, Nov 10th, 7pm
Michael T. Fournier’s novel Hidden Wheel (Three Rooms Press) uses the author’s twenty years in and around the Boston punk scene as a springboard for an unflinching look at the difficulties of navigating art, commerce and criticism in the Digital Age. In the fictional town of Freedom Springs, bands and artists alike flock to Hidden Wheel, a DIY art/music space owned by a Chicago transplant intent on profiting from the scene. Rhonda Barrett, a onetime chess prodigy turned dominatrix, rails against the coming Singularity –and the commodification of the town’s nascent scene– with her 60-words-a-day diary paintings. Fournier reads with Maine fiction author Katie Lattari, whose Zembla Vist’s American Vaudville embraces postmodern tradition with a fresh, engaging voice.
Tues, Nov 13th, 7pm
As part of a global event series, Granta is coming to Chicago to launch The Best of Young Brazilian Novelists. Visiting Brazilian authors Cristhiano Aguiar, Miguel del Castillo and current Chicago-local Chico Mattoso will join Granta editor John Freeman to read from and explore their first works translated into English. From the story of a family marked by guerilla resistance to the military dictatorship in Uruguay to the memory of lost love to a man whose ennui drives him to check out of his life by checking into a hotel, these are the bold, cosmopolitan new voices of Brazil. Granta 121: The Best of Young Brazilian Novelists is the English-language edition of the best-selling collection from Granta em portugues, Granta’s Brazilian partner.
Thurs, Nov 15th, 7pm
In Scott Jacobs’ new book Never Leave Your Block (Dead Tree Press), Bucktown is the setting for 33 stories about life in Chicago’s fabled blue collar neighborhood. Jacobs recounts his first years living in Bucktown in 1974 as well as more modern adventures in a fast-gentrifying community. He spends a season with the players in the Holstein Park adult basketball league, goes gambling with the Bucktown Seniors at an Indiana casino, visits Bucktown’s barbershops and Laundromats and delves into the mystery of how Chicago collects its garbage, plows its streets and chooses its St. Patrick’s Day Queen. On this special evening, he will read excerpts from Never Leave Your Block and talk about whether Bucktown’s best days are over.
Sat, Nov 17th, 7pm
Queer literary showcase, All The Writers I Know, will be hosting a night of spoken word performances titled “Things Already Said” about influences in queer art and life on November 17th. Co-produced by Patrick Gill and Mar Curran, ATWIK strives to showcase local queer spoken word talent in an all-ages setting. Hosting the event is Curran, known for performing his poetry at local showcases such as Word Is Out and Homolatte, in addition to writing for In Our Words blog. Featured performers include H. Melt, Ali Scott, and Jayson Brooks and more.

Chicago Comics News
Andrew Vachss and Geof Darrow, at our sister store, Chicago Comics
Sat, Nov 17th, 4-6pm
Chicago Comics presents local author Andrew Vachss and legendary comic artist Geof Darrow, celebrating the release of their new collaboration, The Shaolin Cowboy Adventure Magazine #1. Come meet and greet with two of Chicago's finest! Note that this event is not at Quimby's, it is at Chicago Comics, at 3244 N. Clark. More info at


New Stuff at Quimby's
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The things listed in this list are at our brick and mortar store at 1854 W. North Ave. Occassionally we make some of it available for mail order on our website, but we curate what we put up there. To see which new items are on our website, see and mail order them for prompt home delivery.
Zines & Zine-Related
Found Magazine #8 $5.00 – The latest and greatest issue of FOUND. I find Found's foundation fundamental - the pleasure of unusual items scattered throughout the world, most often free for the taking. -EF
Miranda #21 by Kate Haas $3.00 – Motherhood and other adventures, in well-crafted, lively essays and reviews, covering books, life with small boys, Peace Corps Morocco, lost companions, and whatever else is on the mind of an ex-English teacher turned at-home mother/writer. Tasty recipes, too.
Inspirado #1 by Marissa Falco and Megan Mary Creamer $4.00
Communicating Vessels #24 Fall Win 12 13 $3.50
Alamo Igloo #5 2012 by Herzik $5.00
Beyond the Music: How Punks are Saving the World with DIY Ethics, Skills, & Values by Joe Biel (Cantankerous Titles) $15.95
Field Manual for the Human Body by John Wawrzaszek, Jill Summers, Dean Johnson $3.00 - We all know the leg bone's connected to the hip bone, but  isn't it time you do a little more research into the matter? -EF
Home Brew #2 by Adam J. Kurtz $4.00
Graze #2 Fall 12 $10.00
Shotgun Seamstress Zine Collection: A Zine By and For Punks by Osa Atoe $20.50
Everydaypants #1 by Ramsey $3.00
various zines from Providence Comics Consortium
The Simple History Series: Collection One by J. Gerlach (Microcosm) $19.95 – Sleeve-bound boxset of the zines in the Simple History series, an ongoing attempt to bring unrecognized or otherwise mis-told histories to a modern audience of all ages.
25 Chicagoans vol 1 by Oscar Arriola $6.00 – Quimby’s store regular Oscar asked a bunch o’ people out and about to photoboothify themselves and design the back of the back. He prints both the pictures front and back, and this first volume reads like a visual Terkelian journal of a moment in Chicago history.
Exploitation Retrospect #51 Journal of Junk Culture and Fringe Media $4.00
Comics & Comix
Distance Mover #5 by Patrick Kyle $5.00 each - Through miracles of alternative physics and risograph gymnastics, Mr.Earth and Mendel relocate once again aboard the distance mover, while the corruption on Toh Rulyth worsens. Coagulating color work, and character design as compellingly asymmetrical as homemade christmas ornaments, time to sort this out. -EF
New Sludge City by Brendan Leach (Retrofit) $5.00 – Body flip sci-fi in an assured pencil line, Leach’s New Sludge City does a lot with layers of implication. Interesting and composed, I think there’s a kinship here to the immediacy and structure of Dash Shaw’s work. -EF
Ted Mays Injury #4 $6.00
Haiku Revue: Autobiographical Comics by Rachel Foss $5.00
End of the Fucking World #11 by Charles Forsman $1.00
Flayed Corpse #1 by Josh Simmons $1.00
Moose #11 $1.00
Where the Mountain Came From: The Chronicles of Fortune Continue by Caroline Picard $4.00
Secret Prison #7 $15.00
Ritual #1 Real Life by Malachi Ward (Revival House Press) $7.00
Everything is Better in Chicago #1 by Meghan Ansbach $4.00
Clutch #24 Invincible Summer #21 by Clutch McBastard and Nicole J. Georges (Tugboat Press) $2.00 – Every year old friends Nicole and Clutch team up to produce an autobiographical split zine that traces their overlapping lives as they deal with the trials and tribulations of the modern world. This year Nicole focuses on the ups and downs of her job teaching children and the struggles of caring for her two aging dogs. Clutch travels to Toronto, works on his upcoming graphic novel and sings a song about glucose meters. A sublime look at life, friendship and taking one day at time.
Demon Dust #11 Oct 12 by Bernie McGovern $2.00
Cartoon Picayune #4 Fall 12 $4.00
Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks
Building Stories by Chris Ware – Ware's tremendous new experiment in expansive graphic narrative which imagines the inhabitants of a three-story Chicago apartment building. The book (well, really a box, as pictured below) is $50. We also have a select few of the fancy $79.95 supplemental collection composed of pieces to put buildings together.
Heads or Tails Stories by Lilli Carré (fantagraphics) $22.99 – Poetic short fiction pieces from an artist Chicago is proud to call its own.

The Hive by Charles Burns (Pantheon) $21.95 – Book 2 in the Xed Out Series!
Black Mass by Patrick Kyle (Mother Books) $19.99 – The collected Black Mass chronicles the story of Turdswallo Blackteeft, a curmudgeonly werido with latent magical powers he can’t quite get a handle on. Also featuring an eclectic cast of punk rockers degenerate and generate alike, including Turdswallo’s roomate/best friend/brother/lover, Dingball.
Cartoon Utopia by Ron Rege Jr. (Fantagraphics) $24.99
Important Comics vol 2 by Dina Kelberman $12.00
You'll Never Know Book 3 Soldiers Heart: A Graphic Memoir by C. Tyler (Fantagraphics) $24.99
Spit and Passion by Cristy C. Road (Feminist Press) $15.95
Finnish comics ultimate overload!: Finnish Comics Annual 2011 and 2012, Koiran Kakkaa Champ Poo by Roope Eronen, Samuelin Matkassa and Second and Third Books of Hope by Tommi Musturi, Kuti Kuti Guide to Finland and more!
Understanding Monster Book 1 by Theo Ellsworth (Secret Acres) $21.95
Best American Comics 2012 guest ed. by Francoise Mouly $25.00
New York Drawings: A Decade of Covers, Comics, Illustrations and Sketches from the Pages of the New Yorker and Beyond by Adrian Tomine (D&Q) $29.95
Art & Design
Raymond Pettibon: Whuytuyp $35.00 – Focuses on Pettibon's works made between 2006 and 2011, like animations and large wall installations.
Lowbrow Tarot: An Artistic Collaborative Effort in Honor of Tarot by Aunia Kahn and Russell J. Moon $34.99
The Merlin Years: The Art of Team Macho $29.95
Pass the Spoon: A Sort Of Opera About Cookery by David Shrigley and friends $12.50
Interiors by Jonas Wood (Picturebox) $24.95
Observed While Falling: Bill Burroughs Ah Pook and Me by Malcolm McNeill (Fantagraphics) $29.99 – Image collaboration with William S. Burroughs.
The Great Showdowns by Scott C. $14.95 – Thanks to everybody that came out for this wonderful event to see Scott Campbell!
Beautiful Decay Book 8 The Seven Deadly Sins $20.00 – Experimental, grotesque, and groundbreaking art.
Blow Your Head: A Diplo Zine vol 1 Dancehall by Diplo, Shane McCauley and Mad Decent (Picturebox) $20.00
Burn After Reading by Romany Wg (Carpet Bombing Culture) $16.95 – RomanyWG, compiler of bestselling photography book Beauty in Decay, compiles pictures of mural graffiti.
Hall of Fame New York City $19.95 – Yes, there is a graffiti Hall of Fame. Guess where it is?
Reaching Out With No Hands: Reconsidereing Yoko Ono by Lisa “Rollerderby” Carver $18.99
Vegan Eats World: 300 International Recipes for Savoring the Planet by Terry Hope Romero (Da Capo) $35.00 – From the co-author of the Veganomicon. More than 250 recipes.
Getting Your Shit Together: A Professional Practices Manual for Artists by Karen Atkinson et al. $29.00 – Taxes! Marketing! Publicity! All that business-y stuff artists hate dealing with — well now it’s all here for you! Recommeded.
Boneshaker #43-300 A Bicycling Almanac $8.00
Ganja Millionaire: Opportunities in the Hemp and Medical Marijuana Industries by Kenwa Jabuki $18.99 – Who says you need a resume to get a well paying job?
Mayhem, Miscreants, Memoirs, Music & Misc
ConspiracyGeek: Collected Writings and Interviews by Joan D’Arc $19.95 - Joan d’Arc, co-founder in 1992 of Paranoia Magazine and editor of HunterGatheress Journal, now Chief Resident of the Paranoid Women Institute at, compiles her best writings and interviews in this collection.
Evidence of the Gods: A Visual Tour of Alien Influence in the Ancient World Erich Von Daniken (New Page) $19.99 – From the author of Chariot of the Gods. You know we evolved from aliens, or at least our technology did, right?
Coal to Diamonds by Beth Ditto (with Michelle Tea) $22.00 – Memoir from Beth Ditto of The Gossip.
We Killed: The Rise of Women in American Comedy: A Very Oral History by Yael Kohen $27.00
Fear and Loathing At Rolling Stone: The Essential Writing of Hunter S. Thompson $18.00
Medusas Gaze and Vampires Bite: The Science of Monsters by Matt Kaplan $26.00
We Got Power!: Hardcore Punk Scenes From 1980s Southern California by David Markey and Jordan Schwartz (Bazillion Points) $39.95 – A collection of the 80s LA zine of the same name.
Catastrophism: The Apocalyptic Politics of Collapse and Rebirth by Sasha Lilley et al. (PM Press) $16.00
Transhumanism Grimoire of Alchemical Agendas by Dr. Joseph P. Farrell and Dr. Scott D. Hart (Feral House) $19.95
Steampunk III Steampunk Revolution ed. by Ann Vandermeer $15.95
Heroines by Kate Zambreno (Semiotexte) $17.95
Reel Terror: The Scary Bloody Gory Hundred Year History of Classic Horror Films by David Konow $18.99
Mobile Phenomena by Temporary Services (Half Letter Press) $8.00
Steampunk Gazette vol 1 by Major Tinker $24.99
The Lost Civilization Enigma: A New Inquiry into the Existence of Ancient Cities, Cultures, and Peoples Who Pre-Date Recorded History by Philip Coppens $19.99
American Vampires – Their True Bloody History From New York to California by Dr. Bob Curran $15.99
Fakes: An Anthology of Pseudo Interviews, Faux Lectures, Quasi Letters, Found Texts and Other 
Politics & Revolution
Anarchy!: An Anthology of Emma Goldman’s Mother Earth (Counterpoint) $22.95 - First collection of work drawn from the pages of the foremost anarchist journal published in America.
Intervention Series 14: Uprising on Poetry and Finance by Franco Bifo Beradi (Semiotext[e]) $13.95
Stir It Up: The CIA Targets Jamaica, Bob Marley and the Progressive Manley Government: A Novel by David Dusty Cupples $14.99 - Jamaica, 1976. Bob Marley sings revolution. The democratic socialist government of Michael Manley leans closer to Fidel Castro, angering Washington. Many believe the CIA is on the island stirring things up, whipping election-year violence into tribal war. Scott Gallagher lived through it.
Keyhole Factory by William Gillespie (Soft Skull) $16.95
2 books from Pulitzer Prize finalist Lydia Millet: Ghost Lights and Magnificence
Best American Nonrequired Reading 2012 ed. by Dave Eggers $14.95
Mash Tun #2 Craft Beer Journal $8.00 – The world’s only journal about craft beer and the culture that surrounds it, born and brewed in Chicago’s Bridgeport community of the future.
Juxtapoz #142 Nov 12 $5.99
Hi Fructose #25 $6.95
Fortean Times #293 Nov 12 $11.99
Make vol 32 $14.99
Blood and Thunder #21 $5.99
Black Velvet #74 $9.00
Mojo #228 Nov 12 $9.99
Gentlewoman #6 Fall Win 12 $14.99
Fantastic Man #16 Fall Win 12 $14.99
Humanbeing Lawnmower #3 $6.00
Maximumrocknroll #354 Nov 12 $4.00
Wire Oct 12 #344 $9.99
Harpers Magazine Nov 12 $6.99
Adbusters Nov Dec 12 vol 20 #6 $8.95
2600 Hacker Quarterly vol 29 #3 $6.25
High Times Dec 12 $5.99
Hang Glider and Mud Mask by Jason Jagel and Brian McMullen (McSweeneys) $14.95
Dog Dreams by Michael Wetz (Gingko) $14.95 – A kids book for the street art set.
He Was There From the Day We Moved In by Rhoda Levine and Edward Gorey $14.95
Poetry, Lit Mags and Lit Journals
Literary Review vol 55 #3 Sum Fall 12 $8.00
Creative Nonfiction #46 Fall 12 $10.00
If You Offer A Poet A Drink by The Back to Print Creatives $18.00
Weird Cookies Poetry #1 Sep 12 $2.00
Gigantic Sequins vol 3 #2 $5.00
Sex & Sexy
The Contemporary Illustrated Pin-Up $34.99
Adult Movie Superstars vol 1 Golden Age Photos by Jack Hunter $24.95
Never Easy by Natty Soletz et al. $9.99 – Queer young cowboys.
Cheeky Spanking Stories by Rachel Kramer Bussel (Cleis) $15.95
Other Stuff
2013 SLINGSHOT ORGANIZERS ARE HERE! $6.00 small, $12.00 large.
Jaws Peanuts Poster $15.00
Hamburger Pocket Pouch and Keyring Combo $9.50
More Blank Moleskine journals in a variety of styles, including ones with cassettes on the cover.
U-Fizz Carbonate Anything in Minutes From Flat to Fizzy $8.00 – OK vegans, don’t miss your chance to carbonate your broccoli juice.

We hope to see you soon!
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