Dear Friends,

In this newsletter we are excited to be able to share with you progress that we are experiencing on four main fronts in our ministry here in São Luís: the camp project, the Kerigma congregation, small-group Bible studies, and our own family.

Camp Progress
For the last few months we have been in negotiations for the purchase of additional property.  We had expected it to be a relatively quick transaction, but discrepancies in what we had originally been told and what we were subsequently offered gave us cause for concern.

Last week we (Pastor Francisco, Itacyara, one of our deacons, and myself), went to Morros (the township where the camp is located) to talk to the owner.  Together with him we measured out the property, and negotiated the price.  Though he had raised the price by R$2.000, he brought it back down to his original price of R$10.000 (about $6,000).  At the end of the day, we saw that, instead of getting less land for more money, we were getting more land for the original price. 

Lord willing, we will be finalizing the sale on Wednesday morning.  Then begins the work of developing the property into facilities that will be used to advance the Kingdom of Christ in Maranhão.

Church Progress
Over the past weeks we have seen God at work at the Kerigma Baptist Congregation.  The Holy Spirit has planted the desire in the hearts of several of our young people to be actively involved in ministry.  Three of our young men have sought out Pastor Francisco and myself, asking for instruction on how to prepare messages and devotionals.  The young people have taken over almost complete governance of the Youth Group, with Itacyara and I serving in a merely advisory capacity.  All of these things make for very encouraged missionaries.

Small Group Bible Studies
At present we still only have two small-group Bible studies, but there have been signs of progress there as well.  To begin with, the Bible study in Turu recently moved from the church building to a local restaurant.  This is more in accordance with the design of the curriculum, which is intended to be used in as public a place as possible.  Second, it appears that a door is opening to begin another small-group Bible study in a city in the interior called Rosário.  In the near future I (Andrew) hope to travel with Francivaldo, one of our young men, who has contacts in that city.  If there proves to be interest, we will begin a Bible study there, with Francivaldo making the trip by bus once a week.

Many who have been praying will be pleased to know that Itacyara is now the proud owner of a Brazilian drivers' license.  She worked very hard, and we are extremely proud of her. 

Michael has joined the fut-sal (a kind of soccer played with a smaller ball on a concrete court) team at his school, and seems to demonstrate a certain aptitude.  This most certainly comes from his mother's side of the family.

Of course none of these areas of progress would be possible without your faithfulness in prayers and material support.  We "thank God on every remembrance of you!"

In Christ

Andrew, Itacyara, Michael, and Nathanael

Banner photo: Three-hundred-year-old mansions in the city of Alcântara, off the coast of São Luís