Dev Center Benefits, Unity promotion, paying your "taxes"
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Dev Center Benefits, Unity promotion, paying your "taxes"

Hi all -

Thanks for signing up for this list!  I'm going to keep the format similar to the emails I was sending out: news, useful developer articles, DVLUP challenges/quizzes, and events in the US Central region.  Hopefully they'll be more or less monthly.


  • Microsoft just launched their Dev Center Benefits program - you show them your best app (on Windows, iOS, or Android!) and they'll decide what level of rewards you get.  Even the basic level comes with a $25 Windows Store gift card, so it's well worth signing up.
  • Unity is running a promotion where you can submit your app for a bunch of cool rewards, including a Windows 8.1 Pro license and a Unity Asset Store voucher.  If they think your app is good enough, it can even get priority placement in the Store and you can get a Microsoft Store voucher, among lots of other cool rewards.  But be sure to check out the details - you must be using Unity 4.5.3 and they expect your app to be monetized somehow.  (thanks Christopher!)

DVLUP Challenges


  • I wrote an article about paying your "taxes" for Windows/Windows Phone by supporting OS features you aren't necessarily using.  It doubles as a good checklist of things to test/address before releasing your app - I used it for my latest app and it worked great :-)
  • It sounds like Microsoft is getting serious about misleading apps in the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store.  They just cracked down on a bunch of them and set stricter policies which should be good for users.  (to see the difference, just try searching for "Facebook" in the Windows Store or Windows Phone Store!)
  • I found out about a useful app for developers - Vector (for Windows) will import an SVG and export images in a bunch of different sizes.  It looks very handy!


App of the Month

I'd like to continue promoting an app of the month (written by someone who's on the list), but I don't have access to the data that used to. So - it's up to y'all to suggest one!  Don't be afraid to self-promote!  Just email me at with info about your app and I'll take a look.

Final words

Since I'm no longer an Ambassador, I could use y'all's help in gathering this content.  If there's an event in your area, or you see an article you think others would find useful, just drop me a line at and I'd be happy to spread the good word.

And last but definitely not least - thanks again for signing up for the list!  There are already significantly more people who signed up than I expected, and that means a lot to me.  If you have any feedback about these emails, just let me know.

Happy developing!

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