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The Wisconsin Supreme Court announced today it will take up the League of Women Voters' lawsuit challenging the state’s voter ID law. The League claims the state legislature violated the Suffrage section of the Wisconsin Constitution when it enacted a law adding a new qualification for voting which disenfranchises otherwise qualified citizens. The high court will consolidate the League’s case with one filed by the NAACP Milwaukee Chapter and Voces de la Frontera.

Both of these challenges had victories last year in Circuit Court, leading to two separate injunctions on the voter ID law. The League’s injunction was later reversed by a Wisconsin Appeals Court, and the League petitioned the state Supreme Court to review what we believe to be a flawed ruling. Initial briefs are due in the Supreme Court in 30 days, and oral arguments will be scheduled after that.

This follows a federal trial on voter ID which wrapped up in Milwaukee just last week. See this commentary on how the ID law threatens the ability of African Americans to have a voice in Wisconsin politics. According to a study by The Advancement Project, you’re more likely to be asked for ID when you go to vote if you are young, African American or Latino – even in states that do not require ID! 

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