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Carrots?  They Were Originally Purple
A friend from college shared this article on Facebook. Carrots -- well, orange carrots -- are mutants. Purple carrots were the norm, but there were some offshoots: yellow and white ones. Over time, somehow, 17th century Dutch carrot growers managed to cultivate these mutant carrots into the orange ones were are familiar with today.

The purple ones still do exist, but by far are the minority in the world of carrot colors. Want to try some? I can't really help -- but if you want to grow them yourself, here are some seeds.

But beware -- there may be a good reason why purple carrots are now the uncommon breed.  Per the source above, the orange ones taste better.  Which is saying a lot: a recent study showed that children said foods tasted better favored cartoon character appeared on a box, with one food excepted.

You guessed it.  Carrots.

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