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It's February, and love is in the air...

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Biking For A Great Cause

Nick is getting in shape for the BP MS 150, coming up in April. In the two-day event, teams of bicyclists will ride from Houston to Austin – 150 miles – to raise money for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Nick is a part of Team Woodforest, and together they hope to raise $35,000 to fight MS.

Your Net Guard is proud to support Nick and this worthy cause. You can too by clicking on the thermometer below. Let’s help Nick and his team reach their goal!


Tech Tip
by Ron McCarty

Open source has gained quite a bit of traction lately in the Enterprise, and although I have supported Linux since the early 90s, I've often stated: "Open source does not ensure quality. "  Actually, I usually say it more directly: "No matter how much you polish..."

However, on the security front, some of the most useful tools are open source.  Also, many current commercial security offerings are based upon open source projects. The following are open source security tools that you should consider having in your tool box if you support enterprise security as part of your job.

nmap ( is an open source network scanner and is great for identifying network services, host operating systems, basic inventory, and general network troubleshooting. nmap runs on all major computing platforms.

Wireshark (, previously known as Ethereal, is an open source network sniffer. It is a GUI-based sniffer and its quality is second to none, commercial or otherwise.  

tcpdump ( is also an open source sniffer. It is not GUI-based; however, it does come on many platforms and does not require graphics support, so it is easily placed on systems without a windowing system.

snort ( is one of the best intrusion detection systems available. It is a network-based detection system and comes with rules to identify almost all major security attacks quickly after they are known. The one downside to the tool is that the signature files are not for free use until after 30 days of their release. Subscriptions for immediate use are available starting at $499.00 each.

SNIPS ( is a bootstrap network monitoring system that is easily and quickly deployed.  Although nowhere near as sophisticated as the open source OpenNMS, it is also much easier to deploy and use.

In a future Your Net News, I'll cover open source system tools.

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Product Plugs
VMware ESXi

If you're looking into virtualization, VMware ESXi is an easy way to get started--and it's free. Use less hardware and power, and save money on cooling and administrative costs by consolidating your applications onto fewer servers.

"VMware ESXi has been optimized and tested to run on even your most resource intensive applications and databases with minimal performance overhead," according to The product runs on "bare metal," meaning it is installed directly onto the hardware rather than within a third party operating system.

VMware ESXi can save you money on hardware and energy costs:

   - Run multiple operating
     systems on a single server

   - Run a greener datacenter

   - Enable easier backups
     and restores for

   - Run the most resource-
     intensive applications in

For those new to virtualization, VMware ESXi might be the perfect solution. To learn more, click here

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