Grace Hill: Christians are Called to Wrestle Also, Genesis 32:22-32
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Wrestling Is Also a Christian Call
Genesis 32:22-32

The idea of wrestling with God is a difficult concept for us to grasp. God comes to Jacob to wrestle him into the shape of the man he wants him to become. We picture a physical struggle of flesh and bone, one where God is forceful but only to the point of working out his purpose. In reality, this concept is not that different than how the struggles of our own lives shape us into stronger, better people. God gives us enough challenge to mold us and make us into vessels for his good purpose, but not to break us. This Sunday, as Jacob embraces the struggle and wrestles with God as he prepares to face Esau, perhaps we can find the strength to forcefully hang on to get more of Christ and His benefits in the midst of our own life challenges and enter into even closer relationship with God.  We may even find that if we could have more of Christ, we ourselves and our desires would be so transformed so our Esau's might become small, secondary issues. 
Questions, Teaching, Training on What in the World is a Presbyterian?  Sunday, Nov. 4th, 9am. 

Please come this Sunday, November 4th, at 9am for a time to talk and learn about Presbyterianism.  We don't want to be a PRESBYTERIAN [capital - P!] church but there were a lot of benefits to being Presbyterian [small - p]!  All are welcome to come talk together.  Bring your hardest question--see if you can stump Ross!  haha.  Seriously, looking forward to a time to help share understanding and unity in our community.  
Nominating Men to Serve as Elder at Grace Hill

Last Sunday Pastor Ross announced that for the next two Sundays (11/4, 11/11), we would be receiving nominations for the office of Elder at Grace Hill.  Nominations can be made by writing names on a slip of paper and putting it in the wooden box at the back of the Sanctuary.  
The Bible gives us qualifications for elder in 1 Timothy 3.1-7, Titus 1.5-9, and 1 Peter 5.1-5.  If you have questions about this process, the discussion that Ross is leading this Sunday morning (11/4) at 9 am about leadership in our church and Presbyterianism would be an excellent place to bring your questions.  Or grab hold of Ross or one of the current elders.  
*Mom to Mom@Grace Hill! This special time of encouragement is designed for moms who still have kids at home.  We will meet on November 11 @ 9:00-9:45 in the adultCORE room, and we’ll have breakfast for you! What a great opportunity for dads to get the children dressed and fed and out the door all by themselves! 

*Adopt a Resident: Keep Brookshire Nursing Center in mind for your holiday gift planning. We will be receiving a list of residents at the nursing center in need of some extra love this holiday season as well as their needs/desires to help with gift selection. Stay posted for more details!

*December 2nd, 11 am, Save the Date: Advent Wreath Workshop and Fellowship.     

*December 16th, 5-8pm, all church Christmas party at Grace Hill Church starting at 5pm. We'll have dinner together, and then afterward, adults will head out for caroling and the youth will stay at the church for Christmas games and activities. More details to follow!
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