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The first phase of most D&D operations is to collect physical, chemical and radiological information about the facility. This data set then forms the basis for determining the decommissioning strategy; decontamination and dismantling needs; radiological protection requirements for the workers, the public and the environment; and final waste classification. Cameras and other inspection devices are necessary to complete an assessment in any areas where human access is restricted due to physical space limitations, structural integrity concerns, and potential for chemical/radiological exposure.

You can find additional information on cameras and inspection technologies on the D&D Knowledge Management Information Tool (D&D KM-IT).  A selection of direct links to available resources is included below.

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The following is simply a sampling of the camera and inspection vendors and technologies available and is not intended as an endorsement of specific companies or products.

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Share your knowledge and experience throught D&D KM-ITThe objective of the technology module is to create, maintain and enhance the technology information repository for D&D applications, including characterization, decontamination, dismantlement, and worker health and safety.

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