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Students at Florida International University (FIU), from the DOE-FIU Science and Technology Workforce Development Program (also known as DOE Fellows) have completed the testing and evaluation of an innovative technology in collaboration with research scientists at the FIU Applied Research Center (ARC), Idaho National Lab (INL), and Savannah River National Lab (SRNL).

DOE Fellows testing and evaluating an advanced fogging technology.

The FX2 Advanced Fogging Technology, developed at Idaho National Lab (INL) and patented in 2015, was tested and evaluated for potential implementation at the SRS 235-F facility. This technology is also relevant to D&D activities at other DOE sites and internationally. INL’s FX2 fogging agent is a proprietary mixture of water, latex paint, glycerin, and sodium lauryl sulfate. During initial testing at INL in 2014, it displayed promising results at fixing potential airborne contamination, such as dust and lint, via cost effective remote application methods. FIU, in collaboration with INL and SRNL, expanded on these initial results with a scaled-up technology demonstration at FIU’s testing and evaluation hot-cell mock-up.

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View during fogging
View during fogging

The technology demonstration of the FX2 Advance Fogging Technology at FIU included tests to evaluate the following:

  • Ability to fix loose contamination to different types of surfaces (glass, concrete, steel, wood, and plastic) and adhesiveness to the surface.
  • Ability to cover locations both within and outside of the direct line-of-sight of the fogger.
  • Capacity to knockdown airborne particulates.
  • Characteristic properties of the product:
    • Burn rate (ASTM E84)
    • Flammability (ASTM D3065)
    • Viscosity (ASTM D2196)
    • Surface Tension (ASTM D1331)
    • Density (ASTM D1475)
  • Reactivity to flame and heat sources.
  • Ability to shield against an alpha emitting point source.
  • Coverage of surface area, as quantified with ImageJ software analysis.
    • Uses contrast analysis to determine coverage of the product.
    • Correlates radiation shielding to the coverage results.

Surface adhesion testing (compressed air, brushing, abrading)
Surface adhesion testing (compressed air, brushing, abrading)

The technology demonstration was performed from March 30 to April 3, 2015 at the Applied Research Center (ARC) Technology Testing & Demonstration Facility in Miami where an existing hot cell mockup facility was modified to meet the objectives of the demonstration.

Modified hot cell mockup used for testing and evaluation of the FX2 advanced fogging technology

Overall, the technology was capable of successfully achieving the objectives of the demonstration:

  • Excellent fixing capacity for potential airborne particles (dust, lint) to metal, glass, plastic, concrete, and wood.
  • Excellent ability to coat horizontal surfaces within and outside the line of sight of the application device (i.e., fogger).
  • Conclusively non-flammable during application and able to shield against alpha sources.

Additional benefits include:

  • Enhances worker safety and D&D operational efficiencies. Reduces worker risk by keeping exposure ALARA.
  • Supports D&D activities that will reduce S&M costs.
  • Reduces environmental risk – reduces radiation exposure and risk of contamination spreading beyond its contained area.

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