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DOE faces many challenges in their efforts to deactivate and decommission (D&D) unnecessary and/or unusable facilities across the DOE complex. Many of these facilities pose hazards which prevent the use of traditional industrial demolition techniques. Such hazards include radiological, chemical, and hazardous materials contamination and structural instability. Efficient and safe D&D of the facilities will almost certainly require the use of remotely operated technologies.

Remote handling by machines (e.g, robotics) plays a critical role in protecting personnel and the environment during potentially hazardous D&D activities and operations. By utilizing and improving the capabilities of existing remote technologies, DOE can significantly reduce the exposure of its workers to hazards.

A database of 471 robotic technologies, originally developed by NuVision/ Cogentus, has been integrated into the D&D KM-IT framework within the Technology module. All of the data from the original database as well as photographs, documents, and videos are now available on D&D KM-IT.

Use the Technology Advance Search feature and select "Robotics" from the "Group" pull-down menu to search the new robotic technology entries for specific keywords. Or simply click on the Robotics Database announcement from the Technology Homepage to browse all 471 robotics entries.

D&D KM-IT has also added a legacy robotics document from 1998 to the D&D Documents Library entitled, Robotics and Intelligent Machines in the U.S. Department of Energy: A Critical Technology Roadmap (RIM Roadmap). This legacy document was the result of a six-month, collaborative effort by a team of DOE representatives and national laboratory scientists, with input from additional DOE plants and sites. It defined, for the first time, a DOE research and development path for RIM through the year 2020.

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